outside my window~

Both of these photos were taken in 2007 ... and if you were to look outside my window today ... it looks the same; with maybe the exception of a lamp and a couple photos sitting on the plant table.  The plants are a little bit bigger ~ but other than that ... yes... it's the same.  The chickadees are still flittering around and landing on the cedar branch I screwed on to the deck post for a landing spot before going to the bird feeder.

Welcome to my comfort zone.

There really isn't much going on around here lately.  I need to get motivated!! This has been my laziest winter ever!!!

The seed catalog companies are hard at it ... sending those catalogs out to us snow bound people ... giving us something to dream about.  Dear Hubby and I talked quite a bit at length about it the other day and decided that we are not putting in a vegetable garden this year.   Can you believe it?  I'm not giving up canning though ~ we're just going to be purchasing all our produce from the Amish community.  I know we'll miss digging in the dirt and watching those little seedlings grow into a beautiful harvest; but it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to give up.  We'll just be enjoying the labor of love from others.

I'm also so thankful that all the hard work I've put into my perennial gardens over the years will allow us some time this year without having to be nurturing them on a daily basis.  Many of my plantings have reached the point of being quite self sufficient; unlike new seedlings and transplants.

This is going to be our summer of R & R (rest and relaxation) ... ha ha ... I'll be looking back at this post in July and saying HA!  Plus... now that we don't have the bait shop ... maybe... just maybe... we'll be able to get away once in awhile and go fishing! 
Today Sam and Slim are out in the woods cutting down poplar trees with my brother Eric.  Eric wants to clean up the woods a bit before the spring thaw; before the ground becomes too soft to drive the tractor through the swampy areas.  So they are doing some logging now while they can get into the swamp with the tractor and jammer, while the ground is frozen. 
Just turned down another customer looking for bait.  It's been five months ... and yet they come.
Well ...
I'm off to get the vacuum cleaner and give it a whirl through this messy house.  Since my heart can only take but a few minutes of any kind of stress these days ... even vacuuming has become a chore.  Talk about a lack of energy!!!  Last night I didn't even do my dishes.  Slim offered to do them for me; but I talked him into leaving them sit in the sink over night and I did them this morning.  Then ... I was so damn pooped out I had to go lay down for an hour to recoop! This CHF really really sucks!!  I'm seriously thinking about looking for a house keeper to come in for just a few hours a week to help me keep up with things.

For crying out loud ...
I don't work outside the house anymore ...
I don't have the bait shop to be tending to ...
yet I still can't get my own house cleaned.

I'm not used to sitting around like this; and it's driving me crazy!!
Shout out to my sister Cher and her hubby Thom who celebrated their wedding anniversary over the weekend!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Doesn't time just fly when you're having fun!
Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hi Mel, Your comment about not planting a garden this next summer made me think that is exactly what we did for the last few years until this last year. While its nice to visit the farmers markets and Amish; its also very nice to be able to walk out to the garden and get a tomato for your salad. When we didn't have the garden, I found myself planting a tomato plant amongst my flowers just for that reason. Husband just got done building me shelves, I have to take a picture of them, they are so nice. Alot better than what I had. Take care.

  2. Oh Mel, I know the feeling. I think about all the things I want to do but I can't really do any of them. I try not to dwell on the things I can't do. I know what a helpless feeling you have when you can't do the simplest things. Enjoy what you can do. Floyd does my vacuuming, I just cannot do it.

  3. It's about time you give up the garden...it has been very difficult for you......and do what Cindy says and plant your tomatoes and cucs you love amongst the flowers for that immediate taste of summer.
    Wishing you were feeling better.
    Blessings Be Yours

  4. Hi Mel,
    Wishing you a sunny day for looking out of the
    window - I love your comfort zone. It's truly
    beautiful there.
    When you've been geared to go 120 mph for so long
    its sure to be a big adjustment to slowing down,
    but you MUST... you're body needs to even if the
    mind is whirling. So keep the mind busy -
    write that book... or cook book, or a letter - do a puzzle, watch old home movies - like Moni said,
    enjoy what you can do... this too will pass Mel.
    You will be strong in body again, you just need
    to heal.
    Love ya much, me

  5. Ah-ha, I have it in print... you plan to travel. Make it my direction and like I said before we can just sit on the shorelines and listen to the waves crash in. We can take our drawing pads and pencils and compare what we see. I will even let you sneak a fresh tomato. A girl can't love a sister more than that!
    loving you from afar