cooking BIG~

We went out to the bear hunter's camp last night for supper.  Slim volunteered to cook up the crew a mess of his famous potato dumplings and pork roast, served with sauerkraut and gravy followed up by a big slice of deep dish apple pie (which I he's not getting all the credit for this meal).

Now when I say my Dear Hubby likes to make dumplings ... he likes to make dumplings!

He made 54 of them ... and served them out of a bus tub.  They're about the size of a big softball!
It takes 20 pounds of potatoes and 8 pounds of croutons!  I call them gut bombs ... trust me ... when you finish this meal off ~ you feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner combined. 

He made the pork in a big Nesco Roaster ....  all 20 pounds of it.

None of the guys walked away from this meal hungry ... and if they did ... it was their own fault ~ because there was a LOT of food on the table.  Enough, that they'll be having leftover fried dumplings today for their lunch. 

While Slim was cooking ... and we were waiting on supper ...

I took some time to shoot off a few pictures of my Grandlove Bailey and her friend, Gage.  They were so cute playing together.  They were playing tag, then decided to gather some wood for the fire pit.  It started out with them just bringing over some twigs ... but the twigs just kept getting bigger and bigger each time they came out of the woods. 
It was nearly impossible to get them to sit still long enough for these two photos ... they were so wound up.


I managed to pick my apples off the trees yesterday, before the big freezing frost we had last night.

I also had another box full that had fallen already ~ they won't hold up too long because of bruising ~ so I'll save those for the deer and birds once it gets cold and snowy .... a nice little treat out on the feeders.

Now I need to get my butt in gear and can up some applesauce and make some apple pies for the freezer. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. The food looks wonderful and great pictures of the grandloves. Food makes me hungry so go will eat breakfast.

  2. So Slimmer ~ I'm putting in my request right now for potato dumplings, kraut and pork roast the next time we come over. I'll let you know in advance.
    And Mel - OMG look at those apples. We didnt even pick any this year cuz I still have plenty from last year canned and frozen.

  3. Great looking food. I see that Slim makes big round dumplings, I call them "irish dumplings". My family all of german heritage, makes rolled dumplings. Anyhoo, that's a lot of pork roast, lol. Of course, I love your apples;)

  4. Why am I so hungry all of a sudden? The kids look like they're having a great time.

  5. Oh wow! Now I want to know who cleans up the mess or is Slim a neat cooker? John doesn't even cook anything and I still have to mop the kitchen several times a week. lol

  6. Oh Girl! You have my mouth watering - first over those potato dumplings and roast - then the fresh apples that will result in hot apple pies! What greats cooks you and Slim are!!!

  7. Well you done it, even without chocolate. But I have to admit it all looks delicious, probably 'cause of SLIM!

    Good shots of the kids, yep, I can imagine with all the excitement it is hard to keep them still.
    Love apples, they look great.
    Take care this may post now or tomorrow..
    PS: you two beat all, waht a feast, and I do bet the apple pie was delicious.

  8. WOW, Mel! When your hubby serves up a meal, he serves up a meal. The food all looked SO yummy! I hope you ate some sauerkraut for me! We have one jar left from last year's canning and our cabbage didn't do so well this year, so we won't be making any. Maybe next year.

    Your little granddaughter is so cute. Looks as if she and her little friend were having the time of the lives stick collecting!

  9. Yum Mel.... I'll bet the applesauce and apple pies are delicious... I can almost taste them...

    Cute pictures of your grandlove and friend..

    The potato dumplings and pork also look fabulous... Slim must be a great cook!!!!

    I saw the pictures of them siding your Mom's home... That will be so gorgeous --once it is done... She'll have a new home!!!!!


  10. Wow!! That pork roast looks goooood!! To bad you couldn't email me some!


  11. Way to go Slim. I do believe you 'kicked it up a notch' with that tasty menu of food! Yum!
    I never heard of potato dumplings. They look scrumptious.

    Awww, Bailey and her friend are adorable. I can certainly relate to your difficulty in getting them still long enough for a photo. lol My grandbabe's the same way, busy, busy, busy! :) Gotta love our young'uns! :)

  12. Thank ya for the compliment on my blog. :)
    The sketch in the sidebar is one of my sunflower photos that my sister Peggy used 'Photoscape' to make into a pencil drawing. (That free photo editing program I posted about awhile back) I love how it turned out. I think it was sweet of her to make it for me. :)
    I haven’t painted anything since high school art class. I never was much good at it. I would love to be able too. You’re multi-talented and I bet you could paint in oils with great success. :)

    PS: I posted an update and explained what a blogthing is .

  13. You're very welcome. I've really enjoyed Photoscape too. And one of the best parts about it, is it's FREE!!! :) :) :)

    I just made the daisy image clickable, if you want to see it at a bigger size. ;)

    Wishing you a lovely rest of the day!