feeling scrappy~

I was feeling a little scrappy ... so decided to do up a few pages.

Sara & Don's wedding
the cake ... baked and frosted by my sister Darla ... I made the sugar flowers ~ closer details on some of the flowers shown below ( I know I've posted some of these before ... but ... you know me ... I repeat myself ... I repeat myself )  It's just that this was the first time I ever made these things ... and I was so happy with the outcome. 

My Bunch ... upper left -  daughter Sara and her hubby Don ... bottom left -  daughter Staci and her hubby Paul ... upper right - me & hubby Slim  ... bottom right - son Sam and his girl Ashley


Did you watch the Packer/Viking game?  What did you think of the 'lambeau limp' as Cher so affectionately called it?  lol  ......  AWESOME OUTCOME!!!


My younger brother got his buck during the bow hunt ... Way 2 go Eric! 

To be fair ... I figured I better put a picture of my other brothers on here too.  lol  I can't start a sibling rivalry.

this is my older brother Randy
and my older older brother (Darla's twin) ... Doug
Three years ago ... another very important man in my life was called Home to Heaven ...  and I really, really miss him.
my Dad
Hungry for a salad?  Check out Mom's French Dressing at my cooking blog.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Lots of pretty things here, even the buck.

  2. nice scrappin' ~ and I need to borrow the 'brother' pics, cuz they are so hard to catch with my camera in hand. thanks for sharing:)
    Nice buck there Eric!

  3. Ahhhh, the wedding. Hope all is well with the love birds! I cannot get over the cake(s) Darla (and you) did a bang up job on that. I would bet it was good also!

    I never did get my Buck, bow or gun, and it is probably just a little late to go back and try again.

    But then mostly we went into the woods for a week to eat and tell lies.!!!! (I know that don't happen in Wisconsin)

    Love you
    Sherry & Jack

  4. Loved the wedding pics and the beautiful decorated cakes. Great family pictures. I know you miss your Dad.Helen

  5. Nice job on the 'scrappy' feeling.
    The pics of our brothers are cool too. Eric sure got a nice buck...he got a little choked up when he was explaining the event and thought, 'What would Dad do?, as he let the arrow fly.' We all miss Dad so much and are reminded daily of his love for us.
    Thanks for sharing Mel. You speak for all of us.
    Loveya Dar