stormy sunset~

I don't know what the clouds looked like by you last evening right before sunset ~ at my house they looked like a storm was rolling in.  They were beautiful ... dark and bright at the same time ... hues of gold and pink.

the wind was blowing ... and the clouds were rolling ...

my daughters and I stood outside watching ... and talking of course!

one last shot before darkness took over ...

Woke up this morning ... and it's a clear, beautiful day.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Stormy sunset are THE BEST! The clouds with their moisture just do magical things with the colors, don't they? I love pictures like that, sunrise or sunset. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. such beautiful coloured clouds, I love these photos of a gorgeous sunset.

    Enjoy your weekend. xxx

  3. Beautiful storm clouds, scary too!

  4. How Beautiful! Not just the fire and smoke in the skies - but that you were enjoying it with your daughters. What great memories you are making for them.

  5. Those are great shots, I can about hear youdescribing them.
    TAke care up there, it may get cold soon! About time for us to head South!!! Hug Slim for us! and hope all else is well

    Love ya!

  6. What gorgeous photographs - the colors are phenomenal!

  7. We must share the same sky! Our sunsets have been beautiful too.
    It was great talking to you today ~ Love you lots, but that's what sisters are supposed to do :)

  8. Fire in the sky is what it looks like to me. Stunning!