update on the reconstruction project~

It's just amazing what can be done in a short amount of time when you have good family, lot's of elbow grease, and the Good Lord looking down on you and granting some beautiful weather to work in.

As you know... from a prior post Mom's house is under the "destruction to reconstruction" mode.  Yesterday, I took the camera along for some updates.  On Sunday, we didn't think there would be anything going on ~ in the morning, because it had rained at my house, only 1/2 mile away ... it was raining in town ... 6 miles away ... and my brother was driving over  from his place and said that it had rained until he got to the intersection of the county road and the state highway ... which is only 1 mile away from Mom's house.  MEANING... it was raining on all sides of her!  So ... everybody figured it would be a day of inside work. 

Well... The GOOD LORD KNEW she was praying for good weather ... because it didn't rain a drop at her place and everyone was able to work outside on the project of residing and painting her house.  Yes... prayers were answered!

Here we were a week ago:

and here's yesterday:

All that's left to do is replace the upstairs window on the north side of the house and do that little bit of siding and painting.  Also, the north deck needs to be replaced.  The old one is torn down already.

So far... 11 or 12 windows have been replaced (I'll have to ask Dar on that one just how many it was, because she washed everyone of them!) and 2 doors, the one deck has been fixed and painted and ALL the siding has been taken off,  house wrap added, new siding put on, painted, new trim put on and painted.  Plus... they did the little cabin.

The old farm house and cabin are looking good! 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. it does look awesome.. I love the red! Great great job!

  2. I was going to ask you about Dar but if she washed all those windows I guess she is fine. The house looks fine. I'm sure your Mom is proud and appreciates all the work for you all.

  3. Thanks for commenting on our blog today.

    Like the remodeling job....red is a good color!

  4. Yes, I've every confidence that God heard your Mama's prayers and gave good weather. See - I have a praying Mom like that too. They seem to have a special channel they talk on. ☺

    Seriously, all of you children pitching in and doing the work made a massive difference in the outcome also

  5. absolutely spectacular. Was it just a series of shots? I ask because I lucked out and got some with my tiny camera but not nearly as good as yours.