I was walking around outside ... playing with the dogs and decided to take a few pictures.

Brandy... our old dog of 13 years was NOT cooperating ...

geeze Mom... how many pictures in my lifetime do you think you need? 
I'm outa here... and don't be following me with that camera!

Along comes snoopy Amber ... 
What's going on ... is it picture taking time?  I only have time for one shot.  There's a squirrel over on the other side of the yard that has my name all over it.
Okay... hurry up and take the picture already ... I'm only standing here for 2 seconds!  Gotta go ... I see that squirrel ~ did you notice I half pointed it out to you.  Bye!

Then the newest addition to the bunch ... little Rambo ...  this is a rescued dog that my son brought home ... he was going to be put down by his previous owner because he was born with a bum leg.  It doesn't seem to bother him at all.  It just looks like it's double jointed.  He can run and play with no evidence of pain.

Now he's enjoying life at our place ... but still isn't too keen on me and my camera.  Geeze... he's only been here a few days and he's already taken up an attitude with me.  I guess it's because he got a little reprimand for excessive barking from me.  Ahhh... the joys of motherhood.  Someone always has to have the last word and he found out that it's me ... not him that gets it.   He'll come around though ... once he realizes he's got it made in the shade now and  that he is at a good home.

Take all the pictures you want ... I'm not smiling! grrrrrrr.......

Okay ... I'll give you half a grin and that's it!  grrrrr.........

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Aww, love your babies. I am so glad you took in Rambo. Who could possibly think of destroying such a darling animal just because they weren't perfect? In miserable pain or dying yes, but just with odd joints? Bless you.

  2. A jewel in your crown for taking in Rambo. Love the entry and the cute doggie pictures.

  3. Aw, heck. That leg looks like 3 legs in my house, 2 on Max and 1 on Joey. Nothing wrong with these guys! I couldn't have cared less when I saw them, but the, I also accept my kids' imperfections, too!

  4. Great shots, and now we have another nut, talks to dogs and knows what they say! Reads their minds and all that stuff. LOL

    I just Betchu, Slim has already informed Rambo who the REAL boss is!!!!!LOL

    TAke care and try to stay out of trouble!!!

    Love youlady, give Slim a big hug for us. Brandy is a sweet old girls, loved her, when we met!

  5. all of the children just don't want to play picture taking. offer a treat. rose

  6. Oh I love the pictures of them all and how sweet is Rambo!! I just know they love their sweet momma too.

  7. I just love that grin. There is a real personality there, for sure.

  8. omg the last pic of lil' Rambo just cracks me up ~ I'm glad he found a good home

  9. You have my beagle!! Bless you for the rescue.

  10. RE: Lucy ~ he just looks like a beagle ... he's actually a bit bigger. He's a Walker Hound breed.