leaves leaves and more leaves

Posted by Picasa I haven't been raking leaves, but blowing them off the yard with my handy dandy leaf blower ... but I think they are reproducing in the woods and crawling back to where they originally fell on the ground .... grrrr...

The weather sure is taking a dip to the cooler side today ... this whole week it's suppose to be cooling down in my neck of the woods.  Our predicted high for the week is only in the 60's.

That's okay though ... I enjoy crisp, cool days.  I never was one for the hot summer heat.  I feel like a piece of bacon in a frying pan when it gets too warm.  I always tell my kids if they see me outside when it's really hot out flopping around on the ground, like a fish out of water, don't panic ... I'm not having a seizure or anything ... it's just that I'm half cooked and it's time to flip me over.

Yesterday I managed to get my apple juice canned up ~

I also bartered a bag of apples with my nephew Dave's wife, Wendy, for a jar of canned rabbit ~ that I combined with cream of chicken soup in the slow cooker and had last night for supper over biscuits.  What a delish meal that was!  It's been a long time since we've eaten rabbit.  Now I want to raise some!  But Dear Hubby says a firm NO to that idea.  I guess I'll just have to keep bartering with Wendy when I want a meal of it.

Speaking of biscuits ... ha ha ... don't forget to check out today's recipe at Cooking Up North with Mel

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. The joys of Autumn! I prefer the cooler weather as well, So I am not looking forward to the heat of summer but I will savour these lovely day of Spring.

    You apple juice looks delicious perfect just sitting there all canned up.

    Enjoy your wonderful day. xxx

  2. Yummy, homemade apple juice, nothing could be better. Our highs should be 80-82 this week but the nights are in the low 40s now. Floyd has a leaf blower that he loves and since we have no immediate neighbors, it works out well for us.

  3. Still having PC problems so will hope to complete this on your page....hi to all...we're fine but very Mel said in her last post, lots of work has been going on at the farm. That's where I've been since we got home from TX 2 weeks ago...I have had my painters pants on and have been busy painting all but the gables and the last 4 ft. up that I can't reach with an extended handle...phew...what a job, and I only fell off the ladder once. Windows are sparkling and MOST important, MOM is Happy, ya know the saying., if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. She sure can put out the meals, best pay besides her smilin' face and laughter.
    BlessYouAll and hope to be back on my own blog again soon

  4. OH, Gee, was great catching up with you this morning Mel...your juice is as beautiful as you.

  5. For sure the leaf blower is the best way to push the leaves out to the woods. It's nature's way of moving them. Sometime last year I have lost a leaf blower and a chain saw. I have an idea that someone borrowed it and forgot where or who they borrowed it from! Oh well. I'll just have to buy a new one - and would already have done so except for the fact that the day I buy new ones, the old ones get returned. ☻
    BTW - your canned goods look yummmy!!!

  6. Ahhh the rabbit sounds good. NO you can't raise the rabbits, I tried that and they are very hard to chew when you raise them. Get DAr to do it.! hahahahahah

    Don't tell Slim to flip you over out on the lawn!!!

    Been busy, thanks for the help. Everyone loved the 'Henry Van Dyke' story today at the funeral.


  7. I like your idea of leaves reproducing. It sure seems that way when you get ta rakin'.

  8. I love homemade apple juice! Maybe I could barter a bottle of yours for a bottle of my homemade grape juice?! Maybe?
    The leaves are all off our huge maple and lots of pine needles falling as well as the temps.

  9. Oh my!! You must have tons of leaves. We have 2 trees and lots of leaves but not that many.

  10. Hey Mel, I made your Fluffy Flaky Biscuits for dinner tonight and they were delish! Turned out perfectly, and this is going to be my new biscuit recipe.