self image~

I know I've posted this before; but I dug it out of my archives to post it again ~ just because I can. lol ... seriously, watch this and just think of who you know that would be that character. I know I could put a name on a few.


  1. I love this is sooo funny! So cute to watch the little critters talk about their body image!

  2. Someone is very good with facial expressions and wording.Love you, thanks.

    jack & Sherry

  3. What a hoot! I have to go with the fish and say we should just accept who and what we are! I loved and laughed at this video. Thanks for sharing it! ☺☺☺

  4. OMG this is one our all time favorites ... we'll have to compare notes on who we think the characters are in our family.
    Fun, fun!

  5. cute vodeo. the animals appearances and voices kept me interested. thanks rose

  6. LOL Mel. Yeah, you're one bad granny, alright. *giggles* Scaring the kids like that... Sheesh... LOLOLOLOL

    I do Fright Month every year. This is either the fourth or fifth annual Fright Fest, and honestly, it's my favorite time of year. Finding stories to scare the crap out of my readers is what I live for during this time, and my readers seem to love it, too. So, the whole month will be one scary story after another, every week day. :)

    Thanks for dropping by, Mel. It's awesome to hear from you! :)