After a lot of begging from Dear Hubby ~ I went along fishing with him last night.

Now... normally you don't have to beg me to go fishing; but when it's windy and cold out the comforts of home and the warmth of a furnace sometimes outweigh the bitter cold.  But I donned my wind pants and heavy jacket and gloves and went along for the ride.  Who knows ... I might be able to get some nice shots of the sunset over the water and possibly catch a fish!

 approaching the dam and Justin's Island

When we first left the boat landing it didn't seem like it was too bad out there ... weather wise.  Oh it was cold enough, 50 degrees; but it didn't seem too windy until we got past the dam and into the bigger water. 

the boat was rocking and swaying

Once we got out past the dam, the wind and the waves began to pick upIt wasn't too bad; but it was hard to get a photo of the shoreline ~ because the boat kept rocking.  At least there weren't whitecaps this time.  

We motored across the bigger open water to get where Dear Hubby wanted to fish.  Then it started to get rougher out.  With every wave came a splash of water spraying up in your face.  I had to turn around and face out the back of the boat to keep my face and camera dry.

Unfortunately, Dear Captain Slim had to face it head on. 

it's hard to tell ~ but those are sprays of cold water hitting his face ~
it felt just like you were standing in a small hail storm of ice

Time to put down the camera and do some fishing ~ as I was told by Dear Hubby.  The sun is setting and we're losing day light and time.  

I cast my lure, I put a minnow on a slip bobber, but my luck wasn't with me.  We were fishing for walleye; but only seemed to be catching small mouth bass.  Normally, in the summer months we throw back all the bass we catch because they aren't that great to eat.  The meat gets a little on the mushy side.   But, when the water temperatures start cooling down  ~ then we keep them.  The meat is nice and firm and cooks up wonderfully.  The water temperature was 50 degrees and the air temperature was 50 degrees ... ironic. 
fish on!
 another little small mouth bass 
CPR ~ Catch Photograph Release

The sun was setting fast ... I told Dear Hubby ~ you catch the fish ... I'm taking pictures of this beautiful sunset.
 Don't you just LOVE IT when GOD PAINTS!!

We did end up coming home with  fish ~ a few small mouth bass and 3 walleyes.  But they were just bonus ~ the best part was spending time with my Dear Hubby doing something that we both love, fishing and seeing a beautiful sunset. 

I even felt a little guilty for putting up such a fuss about going in the first place.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Awesome, beautiful and breathtaking photos. God is good!

  2. The fishing was nice but OMG the sunset is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. AWESOME photos! God is the BEST -- at everything! Thank you for sharing your fishing adventure with us!

  4. Oh that sunset was so beautiful it almost brought tears to my eyes and you described the briskness in the air so well. You guys are so hardy. I wanted some of those bass. The end of a perfect day. Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful sunset pictures Mel. I'm not much for fishing, but it is a good excuse for an outing.

  6. Beautiful shots!! I bet it was cold. My husband wants nothing to do with computers but He came in and looked at your dogs. He agreed that you have Spunky in your beagle.

  7. Great photos, Mel. And great fishing too. What a wonderful world God gave you!!!

  8. Beautiful post! Your photos are wonderful and despite the chill in the air, it sounds like the best time!

  9. I don't like to fish but I like to go with the person who is fishing and do whatever, like taking pictures. I'm glad you two had such and enjoyable time.

  10. Let me say this!!! We just had a fish fry with the Crappie Slim gave us. Yep we held on to them to cook for the family here. They were delicious. We ate the Wall eye Slim gave us in Missouri, they too were great.
    Glad to hear Bass are better from the cold water, becvause we usually make some fish stew if we get Bass.
    Love the pictures Dear! What a magnificant sunset and also a great picture of Slim. He is an easy guy to like.
    Take care, we though of you guys as we were eating the fish!!!

    Jack &Sherry

  11. Mel..... thank you for all your great comments


  12. You caught a beautiful sunset, as well as good-looking fish.