b'days ~

Today is Dear Hubby's birthday! the big FIVE THREE!!!  I always get a kick out of his birthday; because he always gives me this 'respect your elders' speech ~ he's got 32 days on me.  I always tell him to slack off on his elder speech ~ because he was still shittin' yellow when I came along.  I'm bad ... I know ...

Here's a pic of the birthday boy, Slim,  last year at the fisheree.  He just bid $65.00 on a blueberry pie and won it ~ not knowing who baked it.  He was surprised when he opened the box and saw that it was one that I baked. lol

It's also our dear friend's birthday ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY PORKY!!!

Here's a pic of Porky with a chewed beaver log that he picked up while out trapping with Slim ~
Porky and Slim ...
Quite the nicknames. AND quite the characters!  Especially when they're together!!

Porky (Jordan) and his wife Rozanne are the owners of Donner's Bay Resort on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage (the place Slim's grandparents built).

Tomorrow night ~ we're getting together with them to go to The Pines restaurant in Mercer for some authentic German food and to celebrate the guys birthdays.  Yum... Slim and I usually have the pork or veal weiner schnitzel with red cabbage.  They have such good food ... and delicious roast duck, smoked pork hocks and beef roladen.  I can just never make up my mind what to eat there.  It's all good!

Tonight the kids are coming over for supper and to celebrate their Dad's birthday with him.  I'm making a pork and sauerkraut and potato casserole ... and possibly a german chocolate cake. We're getting our fill of German food this week.

Happy Birthday guys!! Love ya!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Pork and saukerkraut ... Mom used to make that and serve it over riced potatoes. Not many people make that anymore so I'm surprised to hear you do something like it. I asked my Mom what dish Grandma used to make that she liked and she said, saurkraut and speck(sp) (pig's feet).

  2. That food all sounds good! Are y'all German or you just like that kind of vittles?

    And Happy Birthday, Slim!

  3. Happy Birthday Slim! Hope you enjoy the good food today. Wish I was just 53, lol

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Hope you both enjoy eating out.

  5. Happy birthday to Slim! He looks really happy there with that blueberry pie! Before I forget it, I'll go ahead and say Happy Birthday to you, Mel, 32 days early. ☻

  6. That was a beautiful pie you made and how funny that HE had to pay you for it! Enjoy the celebrations!

  7. Oh Happy Day, Happy Day to the guys. I thought of it a couple times today but that quickly, I forgot to call...look out Slim and Porky, for the memory loss is creeping up on you fast. By time you get to be my age, I will be back to yours...oh happy day. It's called a second childhood.
    Slim getting your pie last year was the funniest.

  8. Happy birthday to Slim. Oh to be 53 again. Wow your pie was worth a lot of money, huh?

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLIM!!!! (and Porky)
    Atleast when he opened the box ans saw the pie he knew it would be good!
    Glad to know you guys are still young chicks.
    Like always you know food I have never heard of, but you sure make it sound good (as always), No it wasn't the sauerkraut or German Chocolate cake I know that! LOL

    Love from down in NC and please do wish Slim a very happy birthday from us both, we would come up there, but we thought he was surely born in July!!!!!!

    Take care and stay warm!!

  10. Happy Birthday to Slim and Porky... Sounds like you have a great couple of days planned to celebrate the big 53. (Wait til you turn 68---and then you can REALLY celebrate!!!) By they way, George is about 5 months older than me... I tease him ALOT during those 5 months --of being the OLD MAN.... haha

    Enjoy your German food... Sounds wonderful.

  11. Happy Birthday Slim. Fifty three?? That is hardly broke in. Have a great day.

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  13. Ok - ok so I deleted a message. I accidently changed one letter which totally changed the meaning: OUT heiritage to OUR heiritage ... you'll see what I mean.

    Happy Belated Birthday Boys!!! Yummy - gotta love that German food with our heiritage. Give my brother-in-law a big ole' bear hug for me. 'hugs all around from afar'

  14. I wish you all a very wonderful time celebrating. Blessings!

  15. Hope Slim had a wonderful birthday! The same to Porky!. Take care, Sheila