project feeder ~

Give 2 boys (no matter their age) some wood and some nails and let them play.  

That's what Sam and Don did ~ played around with some scrap lumber and made  a deer feeder for the back yard.  I just love it ~ and so do the deer, rabbits and birds.

I can only imagine what the bluejays must have thought when they saw it ~"we hit the mother load!! Look at the size of that bird feeder!"

Feeding deer is legal in our section of the state, some places though, it's not.  However, we are regulated on how much feed we can put out.  We're allowed 2 gallons of  feed a day in a 40 acre area.  Now, we can put the corn (that's what we feed them) in the feeder instead of it being tossed all over the ground where the deer have to paw through the snow to eat it.

Been doodling again .... I drew this pic a while back; but now I'm going to draw it out on a board and try to paint it.

Tomorrow's post ...
Project sausage ~ We have some pork that is going to get turned into breakfast sausage and some elk and beef that is going to get transformed into summer sausage.

The meat is thawed ~ the spices are mixed up and waiting ... along with the sausage casings ~

and the old Hobart grinder is cleaned and ready to do it's grinding ~ NOTE TO SELF ... That grinder sure would look better with a fresh coat of paint. It's exterior is getting rusty... but the interior is as pretty as the day it was born.  We only paid a $100.00 for that grinder when a grocery store went out of business about 25 years ago.  It certainly has been used by us a LOT in the time we've had it.  I can't even imagine how much hamburger has been made with it... and with us making our own sausages over the years ... it's more than paid for itself.   Another project I'll have to tackle one of these days... grinder painting.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You are going to make your own sausage. Wow, that looks cool. We butchered when I was little aND i WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER DAD MAKING HEAD CHEESE out of the hog we butchered, I think. My mom would just puch the pan a little farther away and my dad loved the stuff. Loved those pictures.

  2. Hi Mel, I've been catching up on posts since I was gone last week.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your owl painting... That is amazing --especially to someone like me who has NO talent in that area at all.

    Love the new deer feeder... That is so neat --and I'm sure the deer and other critters say THANKS.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Love that deer feeder. Looks like the deer love it also. That meat grinder sure has paid for itself. bet sausage is good when you get it finished. Helen

  4. One of our exchange students helped Bob's brother make sausage a few years ago. Our exchange student loved the experience. BTW we sell 50 pounds of corn for $6.00 where I work :-)

  5. Sure good to see such creativity in the young lads and I'm sure the critters are glad for it too ... but hmmmm ... there may just be an ulterior motive?!!!

    That sausage grinder sure does look like it has been put through the mill ... of labours. Nothing like home-made sausage ... I only buy it at the farmers' market, don't make it myself.

  6. There is nothing better than home made sausage!!! And all that wild game to make it with! I envy you that, but don't envy you the work!

  7. Like that deer feeder. As far as I know there is no limit to the amount off feed a person can put out here in south Texas.

  8. Good entry with a lot of information. Love the deer feeder, yeah, boys love wood and nails!

    You guys are something else up there pretty self sufficient. We only had hog killings inthe fall down here. I thought it was a lot of fun but mom & dad really worked. Of course mama never had a grinder like that. She has the old hand grinder, but never did put up as much stuff as you guys.

    Anyway we down south are proud of you guys up North, we are a little spoiled down here. hahaha

    Love ya, Hug Big Slim for us.