some days ~

Some days they just crack me up ...

Like when G'love Brooke pretends she's three again and can fall asleep in the middle of Christmas gift opening  in a box ....

or when Uncle Sam puts on a fashion show  
Yes ~ that's my boy!
~ still a work in progress ~
a little more dabbling with the painting today again ... going for a little more depth in the picture ... worked on the pine cones and added some darker feathers ... I hope it's starting to get the horned owl look ...

from this:

to this:

~ still a work in progress ~
Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. CHRISTMAS!!! That's the spirit portrayed here in your blog. Visions of sugarplums dancing in the G-loves head...Thank-ful joy beaming from your son's face...and your sense of satisfaction expressed with a paint brush of the wise old owl over-looking it all.

  2. Hey Mel, things are looking good. Love the added depth to the Owl. It look good, but of course I though it looked good anyway.

    Give Sam our love, like the green suspenders holding up insulated britches I hope.

    Give everyone our love and MERRY CHRISTMAS UP THER IN THE LAND OF THE COLD!

    From way up NORTH in Carolina!!!

  3. LOL, first Brooke in a Box and then Sambo all bedecked in his longjohns. Funny stuff.
    Mr. HootHoot is coming along nicely.
    See You tonight
    Merry Christmas and BlessYourHearts