preparations for the fisheree ~

There just seems so much to do this time of the year!

We've been having meetings and are preparing for the upcoming fisheree the end of January, for the JPD Warrior Project  held each year at Donner's Bay Resort on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage.  It's an annual fund raiser for Suicide Prevention and Awareness.

Our fisheree has been growing leaps and bounds since it's inception and so has all the work involved in getting it and keeping it that way.
JPD Warrior Project crew of 2010
I'm backrow, left side, no hat and sunglasses

Last year we had over 1,000 people out on the ice fishing!

about the flowage: paragraph from

The Turtle-Flambeau Flowage is a result of the 1926 construction of a dam to create a reservoir. The Turtle-Flambeau Dam harnesses the power of the Turtle and Flambeau Rivers to generate energy for the Flambeau Paper Corporation, located 20 miles south on the Flambeau River. The dam created 18,900 acres of water with 212 miles of winding shoreline. The Turtle-Flambeau Flowage encompasses nine lakes, three rivers and several creeks, all beautifully free of pollution.


And ALL that frozen water is open  for the ice fishing jamboree!!  

Last year we were able to take a plane up just to show you a little of how much area is available to fish.  Trust me ... there is a LOT more area than what these photos show.

You can drive on the ice for miles and miles.  Whether you like to fish with the crowds or out on your own ... I guarantee ... somewhere ~ the fish are biting!

You don't even have to fish to participate.

Each year we have HEATED tents set up with raffle prizes and games.  We also have lunch specials served on the ice ~ a hamburger or bratwurst, hot dogs, chips, cookies, desserts, baked beans, chili, chicken soup just to name a few things on the menu ... hot chocolate, coffee, soda and beer ...

Also, besides the three big tents ~ a new tent is being added this year ~ JUST FOR THE KIDS!!  There will be games and prizes for those 12 years old and under ... and it won't break the parents pocket book either.  10 raffle tickets for $1.00  Parents ... your kids will be able to play all day at those prices!

I sure hope if you're in the Turtle Flambeau Flowage area you would consider stopping in the last Saturday of January and showing your support.

More INFO AVAILABLE at the JPD Warrior Project website.

some of the family
my great niece Syminda, my grandlove Amanda and DearHubby Slim
fisheree 2010
~ more faces of the day ~
my daughter Staci w/ coon skin cap  in front of the leader board
my daughter Sara w/ her black Stormy Kromer hat on bottom right

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Such a good cause Mel, but oh so cold!!!!

  2. OOOKaaaay, so what youare telling me all that snow has water under it and y'all all are walking and driving on it. punching holes and fishing etc. Y'all ain't right folks could fall in, you hear me!!

    What a worthey cause and sounds like a lot of fun, but it really looks cold Mel!
    Nice pic of Slim, I recognized him right off without your note.

    Have a great time and I know you are ready for Christmas.

    (The fish look great!!!)

    Love from down here where I thought it was COLD!!

  3. Very interesting event and so worthwhile but I bet I would freeze.

  4. Hi Mel, Looks like a great place to go ice-fishing in January.. LOTS of participants, huh??? AND lots of room for more!!!! What a worthy cause.

    I have never lived anywhere or seen a lake frozen over --except for one time in my entire life. I walked across a frozen lake ---and was afraid it was going to break (or crack) the entire time... But luckily, it didn't....

    Thanks for sharing.... That's a great cause!!!

  5. Mel, that's a great-sounding event! It made me want to get on the snow bus and go to the lake and try some ice-fishing. It would be a first for me! And the fish look GREAT! What a wonderful way to raise funds while having a grand time of fun and games! Thanks for sharing this with us. Loved reading about the plane ride too. Looks like a Cessna 182. Could I apply for the pilot's job?

  6. My feet got cold just looking at the pictues.
    Can't imagine driving on a lake. In Ohio, the lake would crack with just ice skaters.
    Wonderful cause and wish you all a great turn out.

  7. Cool (get it?) post.... We have a big ice fishing thingy in Brainerd, MN which is nearby. It is a BIG deal.... Enjoy your fishing, my friends!

  8. What a wonderful thing to do!!! And such nice fish! I hope the weather cooperates!

  9. Brr... can't believe the hours I've put on ice fishing and now all I can say is brrr ...
    best wishes for a great turnout!

  10. Oh now I see the fisheree has not even arrived yet! That's good because I will have plenty of time to get back to it. Quite fascinating to see something I have never done and won't be doing but I did see people doing it that time on Lake Erie. Oh, I hope no one ever falls in. There is always a time when the ice is just freezing or melting but that won't be in January.