Christmas at g'ma's & more owl painting ~

This evening we are having our first Christmas celebration at our house ~ while all the Grandloves can make it.  We'll be doing Christmas Eve over at my Mom's.   I'm cooking up a ham and some baked beans, the girls are doing dinner rolls and veggie tray and cheesy potatoes, along with all the other little side dishes and cookies and fudge and all that stuff that makes you go YUM.

All three of my granddaughters still have school yet today and tomorrow.  They'll be getting off the bus here today ~ so come 4:00 the peace and quiet of the day will be gone :)   I'm looking forward to it.

I did a bit more on my painting ~ added a little shading, worked on some tail feathers, toe nails and started on a pine branch and some cones ...

from this:

to this:  

~ still a work in progress ~

What a change in pace when it comes to working with the oil paints ... like I had mentioned earlier ... this is my first time ever using them.  I think I like them!  I also like how vibrant they are compared to the acrylics.  One thing I've discovered ... it sure doesn't take much paint on the brush ... or pallet (in my case a waxed paper plate).  A little dab goes a long ways.  As you can see on the board ... I've been cleaning out my brush on the background.  I don't know if this is how you're suppose to paint ... but it's working for me.  Aren't you suppose to paint your background first?  I haven't been in an art class since 6th grade ... my memory fails me. I do remember Mrs. Wiita telling us that as she was filling up our water color paint trays.  Oh well ... to each their own.   That's how I've always approached anything artsy crafty ... it's your own creation and as long as it pleases you ... that's all that matters ... and if it pleases others ... BONUS!

note to Fred:  you had mentioned that "maybe" you should go get some paints ... DO IT!!! How are you going to know if you like it or not if you don't give it a try???

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I've D's water colours and acrylics that I don't know what to do with ... some say I should try my hand. I'm not terribly artsy in the drawing department but one day I just may sit down and give it a try. (I've tried to give the paints to two artsy friends but they just won't have them.)

  2. Great job Mel. My oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoals etc have been in hibernation for so long I think they'd go into ""shock"" if I actually started using them.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!!
    'love and hugs from afar'

  3. WOW, this is neat, just came from Cher's and she has food. I love the painting and of course backgrounds are optional (ha). The wood is the background, I like it the way it is.

    I will get my stuff out of the basement in Florida, if it is warm!!!

    Love to all, enjoyed the post!

  4. I'm loving watching you work with oils. It appears to me you are a natural artist! Great work!!!

  5. Mel, I'm so grateful we got our love of painting from Dad. He was a great teacher. Like Cher, my paints would go into shock...I do have a couple projects I got frustrated with and put away. That was about 3 yrs. ago.
    Maybe after the Christmas celebrating~~~~I'll stop snoozing.
    Can't wait to see your owl in person. It's looking great.
    Have a great evening with the family and we will see you at the farm Christmas Eve.

  6. Sounds like all of you have a lot of talent. I'm liking the owl more and more.

  7. "it's your own creation and as long as it pleases you ... that's all that matters". Great advice. Perhaps this year------
    Merry Christmas to you and those dear to you.

  8. Mel, I missed your first post on this somehow..... You are doing a fantastic job for your first go at the oils!
    Cleaning your brush on the background... two pluses there... you are not wasting, and it may produce a very unique look! You go, Girl!! I'll be back to check in on your progress
    Meanwhile , have a very merry and blessed Christmas!!

  9. I like your painting. Two of my sisters got so much pleasure out of painting and did many. My sister Linda did horses racing down the track. I always found a horse incredibly difficult for me to draw. It is something about their legs! My sisters were born with the eye as was my son Dan who could draw any cartoon character free style perfect. In kindergarten the eyes on his drawings spoke to you! You could have the eye!