tuesday owl painting and snow dogs ~

It's still Tuesday, and here I am making another post.  I figured my prior post really should have been a Monday post ~ because I made it like 2:00 in the morning.  Another night of insomnia ...

I have been having so much trouble sleeping.  I toss and turn and can't shut the brain down.  Last night was one of those nights.

I decided to go out in the garage and find a board to paint on.  I had a set of oil paints in the closet that I haven't used and figured last night was as good a time to crack them open as any.

I got my board and couldn't decide what to do with it ... then decided to draw quick sketch of an owl.

Please bear with me on this ... I have never oil painted before ~ this is my first oil painting ever ...  this is a whole new medium to me.  I've used acrylics in the past ... so I do have a little feel for painting ... but wow ... there is a BIG difference between the oils and acrylics!  Oils are a lot harder to work with ... but I do like that they don't dry as fast as the acrylics ... giving me more working time.  I know one mistake I made right off the bat ... not putting gesso on my board first.  Learning by trial and error... that's the way I do it!

I worked on my owl for 2 hours last night before crawling into bed at 4:30 this morning.  Here's what I have done so far ~

It's still a work in progress.  

Woke up this morning to another beautiful dusting of snow.  I just love watching the dogs run and play in fresh snow.

Even the old gal, Brandy came out to check out the snowflakes ...
and after some encouragement from Sam ... she decided to run around a bit too
while Ashley cleaned off the car.  I think Sam got the better end of this deal :)

I had to chuckle at Amber when she jumped off the driveway into the flower bed ~
I think the snow was a little deeper than she expected.

Amber and Rambo were sure having fun!

Time to fill the bird feeders ~ a chickadee is waiting for me ...

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oils are so much fun. I haven't used mine for eons. Your owl is coming along beautifully, but then you do have a flair for the brush.
    The dogs sure are loving the snow. I love when they dive into it and come up smiling with snowflakes all over their noses.
    Enjoy the clean winter wonderland we have out there today. It's gorgeous.

  2. Hmmm, a hunter, a wild dancing singer, and now an artist! What next will we find out about you.

    The dogs surely do love the snow. So exhilarating to them it seems.

  3. Great entry Mel, and the owl is beautiful. I started wit oil many years ago and got used to having plenty of time since it does dry slow. I could blend and correct, but I love acrylics and am getting used to them.
    I cannot do the detail you do, I love it.
    Dusting of SNOW? WHAT? That is ahumdinger of asnow down south.

    I notice y'all's dogs are crazy too, I thought Brandy was old enough to know better!!!

    Love you!

  4. Oh, I LOVE the shots of your dogs! Makes me miss having a dog in our lives. I had no idea you are an artist! I started out with oils and had a hard time making the change to acrylics! The owl is very good!

  5. Well Mel, between you and Jack I'm starting to think of buying some paint. It's been ages since I've done anything at all and I'm thinking it's probably too late for me now. Your owl looks WONDERFUL! Be sure to show us the finished product, o.k.? I confess, I never heard of gesso. I always started by painting the surface with a base of white, so I'm assuming that gesso must be some kind of primer?

  6. That is a beautiful owl. I have those sleepless nights too and last night was one but I didn't do anything that pretty. Sometime laundry, sometime read etc. Got to bed at five and planned to sleep until 8:30 and wouldn't you know someone called at six-thirty?

  7. I like your owl. Learning a new medium is challenging, but it is fun, too. Keep working on it; I think some things are better in oil and others in acrylic. Now you'll have more options to work/play with!

  8. You know Mel, oxygen has really helped me sleep through the night and also a couple of Aleve help. Sometimes we have aches and pains that we are not really aware of.
    I love your Owl, it is gorgeous, all pretty and blue.:) You sure have a lot of talent for just one person. Love the doggies romping in the snow.

  9. Love you owl, he is striking. I so envy people who can create on canvas.
    The pictures of the dogs in the snow is precious. It really brings out the puppy in even the oldest dog.

  10. Your talents ever cease to amaze me. I love the dogs frolicking in the snow. Your home is always so full of heart & smiles. :)

    I wish you and your family the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year Ever!
    I thank the good Lord each day for you. Thank you for the smiles and friendship over the years.
    Huge Holidays hugs to you.
    Much Love,
    Dee (countrysass)
    p.s. I miss you. :(

  11. What a wonderful wonderful entry! Had me filled with warm smiles ALL the way through . . . beautiful!

    Wishing you & your loved ones a very very Merry Christmas!

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  12. Loving the owl painting...
    it's really great.
    Loved talking with you the other
    day - its great having those
    "Hallmark" moments.
    Can't wait for Feb when you come
    back to Texas.... hurry up,
    times a wastin'- lol.

  13. I am glad those dogs have learned to love gamboling in the snow!