maxine moment ~

Yesterday I was having a maxine moment ... I posted about it ... then gave it a second thought and deleted it; because I wasn't too sure about boring you with the real me.  REALLY!!

24 hours later  ... and I'm still having my maxine moment ...

I thought maybe a little prayer would help ~

Dear Lord,
I pray for Wisdom, to understand the man
Love, to forgive him
and Patience, for his moods.
Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength,
I'll just beat him to death.

and Jack ... the answer to your question???

I'm not short tempered ... I can stay mad for days. hahahahaha!!!

Maybe I'll wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow ... and maybe I won't.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. HA! Well, Mel..I love it, lol

  2. Mel, I posted something on Facebook about frustration with men, too. Just a passing thing with me and not even something that includes me, but frustration. 'Spose there's something in the air? Or in the water?

  3. I wondered where Maxine Moment went, I thought could she have deleted it. I certainly have my moments, usually when we are making one of his videos. I have felt like beating him up several times all on camera.

  4. LOL Love love lovin' it!

    Doctors won't admit it nor do a study but I swear men have their "times of the months" too . . . but it is ten times worse!

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  5. I think your Maxine moments are just an excuse for a Mount Royal evening.


  6. I love Maxine. She is the inner me that polite society won't let out.

  7. We all seem to have a Maxine moment sooner or later if we are at all in touch or reach of the opposite sex. We tangle because we are, by nature, different.
    Hang in there~~~you Could just call it, The New Normal., or the So What's New, but not fun when it's happening to you.
    Loved our visit yesterday and Ben told his Daddy right away that Aunt Mew-wo-dee came to see him and the rug...had to laugh. Kids say the darndest things.

  8. I think a phone call is in order ... what did that man do now? Or do I even want to know?

  9. Mel, you have such a sense of humor! Enjoyed you sharing your Maxine Moments with us! :-)


    You girls are so lucky to have boys like me and Slim. a prince of a man.

    I am sure you have misunderstood, we never, never, I mean never, get up on the wrong side of the bed. WE always, I mean always try to please you girls.
    (bet you can't find any ammo in the house!!!!) LOL

    Love and hope you and Maxine get to feeling better!!!!

  11. LoL! ☻ (Just have to put my little black smilie face in there cause it seems to fit your mood) What? You think Maxine needed to sound off and you deleted? It's o.k. to vent, Mel. Just don't do it too often!

  12. LOLOL! Had to laugh to keep from cryin'. Definitely something in the air.... or in the men!

    Seriously, our hubby's are probably our best friends, but...sometimes even best friends even don't see eye-to-eye.

    I am praying right now for tomorrow , Sunday, to be a very blessed peaceful day for you and that the Holy Spirit would just settle in your home and arrest the enemy, who's job it is to cause division.

    (((Hugs!!! )))

  13. Just coming through to check in on you . . . praying everyone is doing exceptionally well & all is going superly super!!!!

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~