blogged down blog ~

My blog was bogged ... so I had to remove the videos of the dancing elves and the rock & rollers.  
Bummer ...

It was fun while it lasted.
So... is everyone ready for Christmas?  Not much to get ready for around here.  We will be opening gifts and having a get together dinner with the kids and grandkids on Wednesday; because our oldest granddaughter will be gone Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Christmas Eve we always have a get together after church with my side of the family at my Mom's.  I haven't heard of anything going on with Slim's side of the family.  I didn't plan anything.

Things sure have changed over the years as far as family get together's go.  It used to be a huge thing when Slim's parents and grandparents were all alive.  His Mom went all out for holidays and birthdays.  I tried to hold that family tradition together the first few years that Slim's parents were gone; but his side of the family drifted so many different directions that it just fizzled out.

My side of the family too ~ things have changed.  With everyone having families of their owns, and starting up their own family traditions ... the old days are going by the sidelines.

Not just on the holidays.

I remember when the weekends were always so much fun ... no matter the weather ... or special occasion ... especially Sunday afternoons.

It seemed every Sunday, we would go to church as a family, then stop off on the way home to see Grandpa O. in the nursing home, a quick stop in to see Grandma O. at her apartment, a quick hello down the hill by Grandpa B. by his little house ... checking in on the grandparents to make sure everything was okay with them ... then home to our place or off to an aunt or uncles house for a big Sunday dinner.

It was usually the same scenerio ... the folks gathered around the kitchen table or in the living room chatting or playing cards or outside checking out the newest farm animal or piece of machinery ... all the cousins ... off making their own fun ~ staying out of the hair of the grownups.

Oh... the games we would play ... and the fun we would have.   We could make a game and have a fun time together with no electronic technology.  I really think that the kids of this generation are missing out.

Now I love technology and all it has to offer ~ but there's still that "human factor" missing.  Sure, with web cams and all ... you can chat and see each other in the moment; but it's still not the same.

I'm feeling nostalgic ... and missing the old days of being a kid ... thinking back of family times ... cherishing memories ...

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I was with you all the way as I read your blog. Memories of my own childhood, being the preacher's kid, we went home with you good church folks who knew how to enjoy life! I so enjoyed visiting the members whose parents had farms - where we could help call up the cows, milk the cows, husk the feed-corn, hitch up the horse-drawn wagon for a trip down the road and back, or ride their old mule bare-back, play "kick the can", "stick ball", "Mother May I?", run over to the pump and cool off by sticking our heads under while another kid pumped, etc., and, while the adults were talking of "the good old days", sneak out behind the barn and try to smoke from their grandpa's can of Sir Walter Raleigh! O I could go on - but... What wonderful memories!

  2. It is funny how as we age the youthful memories come back. I love the nostalgic entries, it takes us all back. Fred mentioned something in his comment that I associate with. Going home with church members after church and playing all afternoon. I loved to go to the farm folks houses. Being around the animals etc.

    I can imagine your family being a lot of fun. I can relate to Slim's family. I think us men migrate more to the wife's family, I know I did. I have mentioned many times how when I married Sherry I married her sisters and the rest of the family. They were a close family, Our family was mentally close, need something you have it etc. But Sherry's family was physically close and well and in mind.
    But as time takes family members and the kids have their own families to make traditions of their own, things get strung out.
    Love the entry.
    Bless you and yours on this Christmas Season!

  3. You spoke my mind also. I guess I mostly miss the days when people connected in person but I would be the first to wail if you took my computer. Torn between old and new.

  4. Oh Mel, you sure hit the heart this time. I was just mind-wandering too, about the good ol' days. I was thinking about the fun we had in all the snow. We'd dig tunnels that were 50 yds. long and had peep holes and doors everywhere, the snowball fights were an artform, and then the skiing and tobaganning was great but even better running up and down our 1/4 mile driveway BEHIND the horses with snow flying in our faces. Thanks for tripping a few memories sweet Sistergirly.
    We'll see you at the farm Christmas Eve after church.

  5. My mother especially misses the Christmas's past. She is pushing 78 and since Dad died about 4 years ago, obviously things haven't been the same. At least my sister and her new hubby are near by to try to help a bit, but mom really misses the whole big family get together and seeing her girls opening presents.

  6. When I was growing up, we lived in a small Missouri town, after Sunday church we would always go to somebody's farm for dinner. I still remember those times, some good some not so much, lol. I always loved the food.:) Life in general was so much simpler, but then again, so were the people. I wouldn't want to go back to those times, but I do have some good memories. I do miss my friends from my youth, some are still around, like me!

  7. I think we all get nostalgic at Christmas. I've often said "I wish all kids could have my childhood." You bought back a lot of memories for me as well. Keep the memories Mel... relive our past, there's so much fun to recall. Hope to be home sometime soon. LOVE you my dear Sister. 'hugs from afar'