mouse in the house ~

We've been living in this house for 13 years and have never had a mouse in the house ... until now.  The kids have seen one on several occasions these last few weeks; but we can't find where it's coming in.

I was sitting in the living room reading a book this afternoon and there comes a little mouse running across the room.  I hurried up to follow it to see where it was headed.  I also grabbed my shoe that was in the hallway; just in case the opportunity presented itself to stop the little bugger in his tracks.  Down the hallway it runs, into the office, under the computer desk, back to the hallway, hangs a left and heads down the entry hallway.  I'm thinking I have the little bugger cornered now ~ there's no escape, and off he goes right under the door to the outside.  What the heck... that little bugger has been coming in and out of the house right through the door way.  I couldn't believe he fit under there.  So much for an airtight seal around my door.

Now to figure out a way to take care this situation.
Never a dull moment around here.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. The shotgun is the solution!! DON'T USE IT! Let Slim do it.!!!!
    When it got to the computer table I just knew you were gonna say, "Then up on the table top where the mouse is supposed to be!" And it was gonna be a joke.
    I have heard that the mouse can nearly flatten themselves to go through a crack.
    I was even gonna say it follows you inthe door (as a joke) but tonight the jokes are on me. Must be getting cold for the little bugger, huh?
    Love you girl. Stay warm.

  2. I got a 'Maxine moment' alert, but could not get the post. So you can stay mad how long????????????
    I bet that is a joke!

    Love you!

  3. Mousetrap, big gob of peanut butter, WHAP~~~~he dreams on about the warmer squeeze under that door that now has been re-stripped with that Keep-the-winter-out weatherstripping. ROFL
    And Jack....I know she's NOT joking. lol

  4. Get that critter soon as you can! A mouse can do much damage - or cause you to do damage to your own house or worse - to yourself! ☻ A shotgun on a mouse? That's like a friend I heard about who shot and killed a snake with his 12 guage shotgun - in his boat, no less!!!

  5. If you see one, there are probably at least a dozen more. Given that and the fact that I don't like to deal with the spent mouse traps, I use poison bait traps. It took several months, but I finally was able to quit replacing the empty trays. It's now been over a year that the traps only occasionally show they've been eaten. Just be sure no household pets can get to the traps!

  6. And, yeah, what was with that Maxine moment?

  7. we have had one in our house a couple of times and we go around sticking steel wool in the tiny places where they may come in. I know they can come in the smallest places.

  8. That's quite a clever mouse! Using the front door that way just isn't the obvious place you'd expect a mouse to enter.

    Loved the pictures of how you know when you've served a good Thanksgiving meal! lol SO cute!

    I love your blog background and the way you've done your blog. Very nice...and peaceful!

  9. LOL If you give a mouse a door . . . LOL

    My neighbor just had an issue with an exceptionally clever mouse . . . a bit back I had a mouse in the cupboard . . . you would think with five cats ( at the time ) in the house I would be mouse free . . . NO!!!

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  10. Make yourself some draft dodgers using foam pipe insulation wrap... it may be just enough to discourage his squeeze under the door. OR just set some BAR poison bar outside where the dogs won't get at it. We used it when we had stuff in storage - worked great.