changes and dreaming ~

Today is my tweak day ...
I made a few changes to my blog ~ nothing overly noticeable ... just some snow in the background.

I also deleted my cooking blog.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with one blog, and the jpd warrior website... and I just wasn't accomplishing on the cooking site what I was hoping to do.  So ... for now ... until I can find the time I've shut it down.  So... when the cooking urge hits me and I want to share the recipe I'll go back to doing it on here.

We had a wonderful evening last night celebrating my Dear Hubby's birthday.  Our children and the grandloves were all here for supper.  After supper we watched Survivor ~ are you a fan?  I love that show and have fun guessing who's the next to go.  I was surprised Jane lasted as long as she did.  Maybe now she'll be able to go home and get something to eat ... that gal needs to put some meat on her bones.

Tonight is our night out of fine dining ~ going to The Pine's restaurant with our friends for some German cuisine.  I know I mentioned this before; but I'm just so excited to go.  We have known the proprietors of The Pine's since high school (but we didn't attend the same school) ~ so it's always fun to meet up with them. They are straight out of Germany ~ so when I say the food is the real thing ... it's the REAL thing.  Erinka taught Erv and Margie well how to prepare the weiner schnitzel, fried dumplings, spatzel, roladen etc... and they make a sauerbraten and red cabbage that out of this world!  Last year, after all these years of asking ... I FINALLY got the secret on the red cabbage preparation.

I always told Dear Hubby that some day I would love to visit Germany and Austria.  Especially Austria ~ to go and see Obernberger Lake.   My maiden name is Obernberger.  When my brother visited Austria he said when they found out he was an Obernberger he was treated like royalty.  Now I don't know of any relatives that are per say Royals; but there sure is a pretty lake over there with my name on it and I really want to see it  in person.

Another trip that I would like to make would be to Donner's Lake (because that's my married name now) in northern  California on the eastern slopes of Sierra Nevada.

Some day ... It doesn't hurt to dream.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. WE DO watch Survivor and had hoped Jane would be the winner. That Dan on that show doesn't do much of anything and he is still there!!

  2. RE: Cathy ... Dan's the man!! He's just laying low and cool and he's sliding under the radar. (I say stuff like that to get my family riled up!) My family was rooting for Jane too. I gave her a BIG thumbs up when she poured water on the fire! I really don't know who to root for now.

  3. No T.V. here so no watching of Survivor takes place ... thought the inlaws are avid watchers.

    Hope you get to Germany one day soon.

  4. I was born and raised in Southern California and still live here. Northern California has some of the most beautiful places on earth. I hope your dream comes true and you get to visit Donner's Lake someday :-)


  5. I love Weiner Schnitzel. I don't know how to spell it though, even that I have a German name. I've had a chance to go to Germany twice and didn't go because I'm not a traveler. I know that sounds crazy to most. Don't watch Reality shows either but that is because John controls the remote and I control the computer.

  6. Glad y'all had a great tiem. Hope youare having a good evening. Both lakes are beautiful. I hope you get to see them, just keep on planning.

    I know it is cold up there so bundle up. we are freezing down here and it is about 32. I know you feel sorry for us because they say it feels like 25. hahahah I don't want to hear that we are having a heat wave!

    Love you and keep shooting for the Obernbeger lake, you can drive over to lake Donner one day.

    Sending LOVE from NC

  7. Ok Mel, you know that Austria - Germany - Whales - Scotland and Ireland are on my list so maybe we'll have to get our heads together on this one! My head is swooning just over the thought of it! 'love from afar' Sister Cher

  8. Donner Pass, separating California and Nevada is something else during the winter months. The skiers just take over that country and the snow is about 12 feet high on both sides of the road, you cannot see anything but the huge snow bank. Have you been there Melody?

  9. HI Mel, Hope you do get to visit both of those lakes sometime... Bet there are some Austrian distant relatives over there....

    Glad your hubby had a nice time with family to celebrate his birthday.. AND I know you all will enjoy your German dinner tonight also.

    Don't watch Survivor (or any reality shows) --but we love TV, and watch alot of dramas...


  10. I am love love lovin' the snow background! It really is a pretty one!

    Happy Be-lated B-Day to your Hubby! I am sure he had an awesomely grand one & here is to many many more!

    I would say enjoy your meal but from the sounds of it I am most certain you shall . . . lovin' it!
    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  11. Hope you get to see your very own lake soon, how cool that you have two. Not sure I have a puddle I can claim.

  12. Had my first weiner schneitzel in Germany with friends and found it's my favorite German food! I'm always playin with languages, so tried to say to the waitress that the food was "lip-smackin good". Four of my German friends say that I told her to "kiss me on the lips". She ran away to the kitchen with a red face. LoLoL. All I said was, "Yah - smecken de lippen!"

  13. Doc's people all originated in Germany so he has taught me a lot about Germans because he was raised in a tight German Luthern Community in St. Louis. He talks about all the German food he used to eat.