give it time ~

Well I'm back ...
I just needed a little time to get over my maxine moment ... or should I say Moments ... yeppers... with a big M ... actually ...  I was waiting for my husband to get over HIS maxine moments too.

After being a protégé of Maxine for a week ...
I transformed in the alpha Bitchwolf ... yeppers ... with a big B

Who thought it could get any worse.

 image from the internet
I'm telling you ...
Sometimes it's not easy being me!

It's amazing how having to spend four hours in the truck together and four hours at the doctors office together FINALLY got us talking with each other again.  

I don't like arguing with my husband; but sometimes a point needs to be made.  You would think after 34 years of marriage we wouldn't have these kind of moments ~ and on the most part we don't.  BUT ... every once in awhile ...  seriously ... it's been like 20 years since I had an argument with him that held on like this.

I am sooooooooo happy we're talking again ... and on the mends.  I'm sure my Mom is happy too ~ she didn't know it; but I was ready to move back home with her ... geeze louise ~ I'm so glad it didn't go that far. Not that I wouldn't love sitting up at night with Mom watching Letterman and Fraiser and eating that little bowl of ice cream she has at bedtime ...  and now she's making Christmas cookies!  Oh.... it was tempting.

I even thought of calling on my sisters for a place to crash for awhile ...  but they probably wouldn't of shared the ice cream and cookies without a big explanation of what was going on ... they probably would of got the story out of me if they cracked open a few beers or the whiskey bottle though. lol ... oh gosh, I sound like a lush!

Ahhh.... such a sigh of relief !!  I didn't have to get drunk or eat ice cream and cookies.

Life's too short to be angry; especially with the one's you love.
Happy Wolf ~ image from the internet
Have a wonderful day ~ and don't take your loved one for granted.  Talk with each other, we're not all  psychics, (although we may be psychotic).

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. My hub and I were headed home, 10 hr. drive, and began arguing. No on ever won with him, so I'd learned to just ignore as best I could. However, in a car speeding along the highway at 70 mph, a person can't distance herself. I didn't realize I was holding my breath out of anger, and I began to hyperventilate. the problem is, neither of us recognized that's what it was, and we thought I was stroking! 90 mph to the next town and zoomed into the ER. I was mortified to have to admit what happened. From then on, if we had words, we stopped the car!

    Glad you two are on the mend. :)

  2. It happens Mel..glad things are back to normal for you, I missed your posts and I was getting a little concerned for you. Have a great day.:)

  3. Hey Mel, so glad you are talking, yes life is too short to argue with loved ones, but that is human, sometimes it happens before we realize it and can't back out of it.

    It is usually the coolest head that apologizes, whether they were right or wrong. Saying I am sorry without adding the, 'BUT YOU said/done etc', is very hard especially when you KNOW you are right. Usually the partner does too, but is too stubborn to admit it.

    But in five years or less who will care who won or who lost. LOVE is the name of the game, even up in FREEZING Wisconsin.

    Love from North Carolina

  4. We all have those times but it sounds like you two have been together forever. Glad whatever it was all worked out.

  5. Glad there is harmony at your house again. It happens to all of us and will again. Take care and stay well.

  6. Mel, you are a strong woman! I've read that the holiday season sees more relationship stress than any other time of the year. It's so good that you can talk about it. It's like an old saying I heard as a boy growing up - "The best part of breaking up is making up."

  7. I'm glad your back on the same page, kiddo. After our talk, I thought we would be making room for ya and having a few hot toddies over a scrabble game for a few nights. I knew you would come to amends,...you two always do....eventually. I don't think Mom would have minded the company and would have given advise, a shoulder and a laugh. hang in there and have a great time making up.
    BlessYourHeart, you too Slimmer

  8. We all get mad at our men at some time or another. I'm glad that the two of you worked out whatever caused you not to talk to each other.

  9. Glad things are mending...take care, Sheila

  10. I seriously think we need to start having a 'sisters' retreat at least twice a year if not more. No men around ... we can solve all the problems of the world and all mankind will be better for it! lol - You know our door is always open and my man will make himself disappear when needed. He's magical like that! LOVE you! 'hugs from afar'

  11. So glad you have managed to remove that snarl from your face.
    You are so right about communication, I have spent many a painfully quiet time waiting for him to understand how stupid he waa when I wasn't all that bright myself.
    If there is a next time however, Mom's sounds like the fun place to go while attitudes get adjusted.

  12. I am glad you are back talking to each other. I admit it would be a little difficult to live together the next ten years without talking although I have know couples that might have done just that. I accidentally erased my blog list so have been chasing URLs ever since. I just realized today I did not have Up North with Mel on again, so I missed you posting about the Fisheree and other stuff. I got to come back and look that over thoroughly as I was in Geneva-on-the-Lake once when an iceberg all the ice fishermen was on sunk with about 60 cars on it! I could not believe ice fishers!