I'm back home once again ... and this time it's to stay.  Dear Hubby is still on vacation; but we're going to be spending the last few days here at home.  Time to catch up on the rest of the yard work and getting the boat put into storage, cleaning the garage and work shop and cutting a few more boughs to fill an order.

I'm happy to say that Sara is recovering nicely from her gallbladder surgery.  She's up and about and eating again without any pain.  :)  I don't care how old your kids may be ... as a mother you still worry.

While I was up at the cabin I finished the scarf that I began crocheting for Bailey.  I had enough yarn left over, so I made a little hat to go along with it.  I think I'll hold off on giving to her and use it for a little stocking stuffer at Christmas.

Now I have the itch to do some more crocheting.  I was telling Sara that I should try to make some mittens; but every time that I've made mittens they always turned out two different sizes. lol  Maybe if I would learn how to follow a pattern ... I could possibly do it right.  So right now it's just hats, scarves and a little blanket and maybe a potholder  ... those things I've figured out how to do with my hit and miss crocheting technique.  You'd laugh if you saw how I do this ... and you should see me with two needles when I try to knit!  Someday, if my sister Darla has a LOT of patience, maybe I'll hit her up for some lessons.  She's a fantastic hooker!

I'm also happy to announce that my computer is still living ... but for how long ... the pc gods only know.  My hard drive is taking a dive and I know it's only a matter of time before the day comes when I go to turn on the old bugger it's not going to respond.  So ... until then ... I'll be posting; but if I come up missing in action you'll know why.  I'm not giving up the internet and blogging and I'll be back when I can afford to get things in order again.
The time has come also for me to do some shopping for new boots and a jacket.  The other day, while walking out in the woods my sock got wet.  What the heck?  Here the seam of my boot is all torn open.  I must have ripped it crawling through the brush somewhere.

I also want to get myself a new winter jacket.  Something furry.

I have a few minutes to spare right now before Dear Hubby gets home from running to town for gas for the 4wheeler; then we're back in the woods today cutting boughs ... so it's off to online shopping right now!  Wish me  luck.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Well now, if that isn't the cutest scarf and hat set ever. That is going to be sooo cute on your lil punkin'. And sure, I will try 'patience' with you...following patterns really is not that hard. Heck, if I can do it, surely you can. So, we have a date. Soon.
    Have fun in the woods. What nice weather we have been having to do this. I need to get cedar and pine yet and off to the shop I go to make some green turn into wreaths and garland. Blessings Be Yours

  2. OMG it scares me how much we sisters think alike. I have a beautiful basket of yarn waiting for my crochet hooks. I even bought a pattern book for an afgan. NOT that I've used it yet, BUT.. you never know when my "someday" will come to fruitation. You just never know!

  3. I'm glad you had and Slim had a chance to get out and enjoy Mother Nature, but I'm ever so happy to see back here posting again.
    I thank the good Lord above that Sara is recuperating and is healing well. My positive healing thoughts and prayers continue to be with her. (((healing hugs)))

    I love your scarf and cap that you made for Bailey. What a delightful extra giftie it'll be for her this Christmas. You're a wonderful Grandma! :)

    I'm just hanging on to your ever word of the pc woes. I'm right there with ya and I know that sure as everything our pc will go out during a time when we won't be able to either get a new one or we won't be able to get the Dsl hooked back up for awhile. And now to beat all, my laptop not only needs a new battery because the old one won't hold a charge more than a few minutes but also the electrical cord is shot, I have to keep wiggling it to keep it connected!! Man, I tell ya, I do enjoy the technological toys but it's quite daunting that so many pc problems are going on at the same time at both of our homes. :(

    My prayers and thoughts are with you (& me) that we'll be able to transcend to a new pc without too much offline time and without too many lost files. (((hugs)))

    Wishing you a positive week with no pc problems!!! :)