hunting experience day 9

It's the final day of deer hunting.  I stuck it out 8 of the 9 days.  I even brought my camera along today ~ to show you where I've been this last week.  I took some pictures before I got settled in for the day ~ then the camera is getting shut off because it makes too much noise turning it on and off.

We got a nice dusting of snow last night ... maybe Big Bucky will show up today.

Here's my hunting blind:

This is the front of it ...
notice the nice patch job on the door that the bear tore off:

Here's the stove ...
I told you I was practically sitting on top of it:

This is the my shooting lane:

Here's the other window that I can't use; because the bear broke it.  I pray nothing comes in that direction:

No cocoa w/Splenda in the thermos today - just straight up black coffee... keeps the gizzard warm and keeps me alert.  I'm wishing though it was Mt. Royal Lite and Diet Coke. lol  Maybe tonight I'll get to celebrate and have a cocktail.
Noon whistle just blew at the mill.
Lunch today is some homemade smoked turkey slices, a little bag of Frito's and coffee.  Dessert is a handful of gumdrops!  I did bake a chocolate cake w/pecan frosting early this morning for suppertime, before heading out to the woods today.  But what's for supper? I haven't figured that out yet.  Breakfast was left over homemade pizza from supper last night.  Boy, am I ever slipping off my diet!! Starting tomorrow Dear Hubby and I are starting to eat healthier!!  (after we clean up the cake - can't be wasteful) Now I know why I'm so WAIST FULL.
OH MY GOSH!! An owl just flew in and LANDED on my opened window sill - 2 feet away from me.  I think I startled him as much as he startled me! Then he flew up into the tree - camera ... QUICK!!!


Even if I don't see any more wildlife today - including Big Bucky - this was sooooo worth it.  Now I just need my heart rate to slow down.  What a cool experience!!  I should have tried offering him some turkey and Fritos.
It's been pretty quiet this afternoon.  It's just me and my thoughts.
Dad has been on my mind - Big Time
He passed away two years ago and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him.
You know how some people are just miserable human beings when they're alive; but when they die everybody talks about them like they were the sweetest, kindest person on this Earth:  Well ... that wasn't my Dad!!! He really was a kind, loving man.
He had such a love for life and the best sense of humor. Oh how he loved Mom and all his kids!  What he also loved was being in the woods.  He was an avid hunter right up until the end.
He loved hearing about everybody's hunting experiences and had some pretty good stories of his own to tell.  Even after becoming disabled, and had to walk with 2 canes, he still hunted.  He made it to Ontario for moose and Quebec for caribou and even Texas for wild pigs.
These woods that I'm sitting in today gave up many deer to feed his family of eleven.  I feel his spirit here today with me.

Daddy... if you have anything to do with this ~ fly on down with those angel wings and chase one out of the swamp for me.
hallelujah HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!
A doe came in and right on her heels was a buck!!!!
I got my deer ... the last 5 minutes of shooting time for the season.  I finally got my first deer ever!
It's an eight pointer!
Praise the Lord and Thank You Daddy!!

 the buck stops here

mom and i


  1. WOW ... WOO HOO and HOOT HOOT!!!
    What a day you had. Congrats Mel, nice one. Your patience paid off. I love the pic of the owl too.

  2. Beautiful pictures! So peaceful & . . . mmmm, nice! I so loved the owl coming in for a wee peak . . . perhaps he was liking your shack thinking with that stove it could make quite a wonderful nest eh :)

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  3. Wow again Mel...thanks for stopping last night and the 'Show and Tell' proud and happy you got your buck after your long week. You were just beaming. It brought tears to my eyes. That Daddy, what a nice drive he made for you.
    And, so love the owl and that he stopped in for a wee visit...your pictures of him are great
    You've Been Blessed

  4. Congrats Mel, you never stop amazing me!

    You take care, Love, Tim

  5. From Baitlady to Bucklady - you go woman!
    I'm so proud I could just burst - Ahhhh,
    you're first buck!
    I need details woman, details.

  6. Mom, I'm so proud of you!!! I just knew that you were going to get one this year (because I wasn't out there to get it first! lol) I am a little jealous though that your first deer ever is BIGGER than anything I have ever shot! Thanks to Grandpa for making that drive for ya! He helped out 2 years ago also when I got my 6pt opening day and Grandma got her 8pt the next night. Congrats!!!!

  7. Congratulations Mel! That is a lovely deer, and how wonderful that you got alittle booast from your dad. I believe he really did help you! Will you have anything done with the antlers? That is just a lovely deer. Good Going

  8. I love the Owl pictures... Wow! what a gift to be able to see that beauty up close. I'm so glad that you took your camera. Maybe he/she was coming to bless you for a good days hunt and a well earned reward.

    Congratulations Lady Hunter! 8 Points. Sweet! Great Trophy you have there and what a blessing all the meals it will provide for you and your family! The Lord truly does provide. :)

    It's been a joy reading your daily thoughts and experiences. Thanks so much for sharing them. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful week!