I have a love ...

I have such an admiration for music.  I always said my name was fitting for who I am; Melody.  What would a day be without it?  I love listening to music.

When I was in high school I was in the band.  I was always thankful for that, even though singing was more my forte... but being in band and learning all the instruments just gave me a greater appreciation for music.  Now it's not just the lyrics and tones I listen to ~ it's also the instrumental that goes with the songs. When I listen to music I decipher each and every note.

Last night I spent some time on my computer transferring some of my song collection over on to my iPod.  I know my computer is on it's last leg and I really don't want to lose the songs that I have collected.  Besides all the hundreds of tapes, cd's, dvd's that I have ... just on my computer alone I have 1853 tracks and on my iPod now I have 1993 tracks.  That's only a small fraction of what I want to put on them yet.

I have notes all over my desk top with lyrics, authors, song names written down that I still want to download.  This is going to be a big winter project for me ... categorizing and burning cd's; but won't it be neat when I'm done... having a library of music ... of my own collection of tunes that I love?

So... if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas... hint hint... a stack of CD-RW's would be greatly appreciated.

Where do I get most of my songs? From Frostwire ~ now I know this is a shareware site; and you're taking a risk going on there and downloading, raising your risk of getting a virus on the old computer; but... here's a little trick of the trade for going on shareware sites.

When you download ... designate a file for sharing and ALWAYS download to that file.  BUT... after you download to the file, copy and paste them to a new file.  This new file... do not allow sharing of it.  After you copy and paste your songs into a new file; delete them from the shared file.  Okay... here's the clincher.  You can't be a moocher and not share on a shareware site.  So here's the trick.  Leave a song in the file.  Make it a song that is so common; that the chances are of it being uploaded from you is very very slim.  My song of choice is Happy Birthday.

I have been doing this for years... and it works!  I have never had anyone try to upload from me ... ever. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh my guru, family geek ~ you're the best!
    I love you, ya ya ya!!!

  2. RE: Cher
    Glad to be of pc service to you!

  3. Do you really think I can remember all that?...let alone execute it?...for I am so lame at all this technical stuff...even when you tell me how to be mischievous, I just can't get it...there...I just admitted to my blondness that your hubby accuses me of so often....oh well, we all can't be a whiz such as thee

  4. guess you will just have to cut me a few more of your cool cds...hint, hint, if ya wanna get Me a Christmas gift, hint, hint