hunting experience day 8

It's Saturday morning and I'm not giving up.  Today is a fresh new day.  I felt a bit quilty not sitting yesterday; but my body was demanding a day off.  Today I'm feeling much better, physically and emotionally.  My phone call of encouragement from Colleen and Mike cheering me on helped.  Thanks You Guys... which is the equivalence to the southern y'all. lol
Today, while sitting here waiting for a deer I'm reading "All Quiet On The Western Front".  It's an old book that I found in our attic of the old house.  The original copyright to it is from 1928 by Ullstein A.G. "Im Westen Nichts Neues".  I'm reading the translated from German to English version by A.W. Wheen.  It's the 13th printing from 1956.
I remember this book as a required reading in my high school literature class back in the '70's.  Now... 30+ years later it means something and I'm grasping it's full impact.  War - It was horrible then as it is now.
12:00 The noon whistle just blew.
Eating a turkey sandwich for lunch.  I had a piece of pie for breakfast ... eat dessert first.
I just read a paragraph in my book that reads:
   " He proposes that a declaration of war should be a kind of festival with entrance tickets and bands, like a bull fight.  Then in the arena the ministers and generals of the two countries, dressed in bathing-drawers and armed with clubs, can have it out among themselves.  Whoever survives, his country wins.  That would be much simpler and more just than this arrangement, where the wrong people do the fighting."
2:15 - Just heard a plane fly over.
The little red squirrel is chattering.
Heard a shot way off in the distance. 
Two more hours to go - where are the deer??
Some kind of bird just flew overhead.  I don't know what it was; but it was pretty good sized.  It sounded like it was saying, "Que que que."  Possibly, a pileated woodpecker???
2:20 - Just heard six more shots one after another far off.
I have Dear Hubby's rifle again today.  A Browning Bar II 30-06 w/ 9x40 Tasco scope - certainly capable of taking down the big buck of my dreams - if he'd only show himself.  I want some meat for the table.  I only have 1 quart of canned moose left on the pantry shelf and some canned venison sure would be nice.
2:30 - Another way off shot.
I heard our neighbor Bill W. got a nice 12 point buck 2 days ago.  Why couldn't it have been me??
3:45 - Just heard six more shots - way off.  Someone must be near a field or open hardwoods to take that many shots.  I'm in such heavy brush I'll be lucky to get off one - of course that's if the opportunity presents itself.  My aim has to be a good one.
Once again... in for the night.  Another unsuccessful hunt.  Tomorrow is the last day of deer hunting season in Wisconsin with the rifles. 
They had the big prize give away tonight on the Deer Hunters Round Up radio program; which I had an entry in ... no luck there either.

Oh well...
Until next time....
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Even if you don't bag a deer, I think your hunt was successful. I've had the best time sitting here catching up on your days of hunting. I love your journaling and your thoughts. You should really consider writing for publication. You right Wonderful stuff, my friend. and it's a lot better than those soupy soul books. ;)

    I still got my hopes high and fingers crossed that you'll get a deer! Best of luck, to ya!!!

    Wishing you a great week!

  2. OMG if Dee thinks you can really write, she should hear you talk. You've really got the gift of gab! LOL

  3. LOL...I know something they don' happy for you Mel-O-Dee