hunting experience day 3

Over the next few days I'm hunting and taking a notebook along.  In the evenings I'll post how my day went.

It's day 3 ~ 1:00 and I'm FINALLY out in my deer blind.  Little did I know three months ago when I scheduled my mammogram it would be during deer rifle season.  Three months ago I don't think I planned on hunting.  So I went and got the boob squeezed - went to the drug store to get Dear Hubby's insulin - went grocery shopping - came home and ate a huge lunch ~ pork roast, potatoes and sauerkraut (that I put in the oven before leaving this morning)  - made a rhubarb custard pie for later on for Slim's lunch box dessert - walked my lunch off getting here to the blind and here I am.  Hopefully, prime time.
Sam came out this morning and sat in my blind and put some corn out for me.  It looks like it hasn't been touched yet.
It's nice out today.  A little overcast; but warm.  Almost 50 degrees! That's hot for this time of the year in Wisconsin.  No fire in the wood stove today ~ (claps hands silently in joy!)  No long johns either.
I was debating about bringing the camera today but decided against it.  I think it makes too much noise when you turn it on and off.  So photos will have to wait.
2:00 - Just heard a rifle crack in the distance.  I think it was beyond Mom.  Probably the Weik's boys.  They always seem to fill their tags with nice bucks.
It's 3:00 - I've been here 2 hours and I bet the temperature outside has dropped 20 degrees at least.  It's overcast and feels like it could snow any minute.  Now I wish I had long johns on.  I'm making a small fire.  I don't need to get myself chilled.  Yesterday, I felt like the flu was coming on; but today I know better.  It's my fibromyalgia acting up.  Typical Wisconsin weather ... wait 5 minutes ... it will change.  It's hard to believe just 2 hours ago it was such a nice day.
I did a little furniture rearranging.  I moved the coffee table (a little stump) over about two inches and put a board on it - balanced it against the wood pile and made the coffee table twice it's size.  Pretty ingenious of me if I say so myself.  Like Daddy always said, "I ain't raised no Idgits." An idgit is a dummy ~ in case you weren't smart enough to know that. lol
Come on deer ~ I have an itchy trigger finger ... and heart burn ... stupid sauerkraut.
Dang .. It's 3:25 and I'm thinking maybe Daddy did raise an Idgit.  My fire is way too big and hot.  If I was a man I would be sweating my balls off!  It doesn't take much to heat up a 4'x8' area; especially when you're practically sitting on top of the stove!  I smell rubber - I think my boots are melting - just kidding; but it sure did warm up in here fast.  My fire making skills have improved 100x's over in the last 2 days.
I have three of the four shack windows open so I can hear something coming in and to cool it down in here. I can't open the fourth window because the bear broke it this summer and now it's precariously sitting in it's frame.  My luck that's the direction the big buck will come in ~ if he ever decides to show his face.
4:10 Another shot ~ way off
I have to pee - but I'm not leaving this blind - I'll go into kidney failure before that happens.
I have about 20 more minutes to go until shooting hours are over.
More shooting ~ way off.  The deer must be moving or else someone is emptying their gun out of sheer frustration.  Probably the latter.
A doe came in; but I don't have a doe tag.  Now where is her boyfriend??? 
here is what I saw


images from the web
This is what I'm after...

In for the night.
I called over to check on Mom.  She didn't see anything.
Dave filled his doe tag.
Mark saw a doe.
Randy saw a doe and a spike.
No report from Darla.
Sam missed an 8 pointer
No report from the my daughter Staci's bunch ~ the Beaver Lake crew
Our local radio station host a program during hunting season called the Deer Hunters Round Up.  People call in and give the daily report on how things went at their hunting camps.  I called in under the name Ex Baitlady from Camp No Does to give my report.  When I told them I passed up a fork horn opening morning they asked why?  I told them it was so little I swear I could see milk dripping from it's lip. They got a chuckle out of that.   I also told them about Sally missing his 8 pointer.  A few minutes later another hunter called in to thank Sam for missing ~ now he'll have a chance to shoot it.  I also gave a shout out to the KO Shack and was wondering if Dan changed his underwear yet?  Dan called in a few minutes later to let us know he got a doe and his underwear are changed.  Thank goodness for that!!  Also, when I called in I was the lucky caller number something... I didn't catch that... and won a new camo blaze orange hunting hat and for doing a shout out to another group I got put into a drawing for a 42" Plasma TV.  woohoo... wish me luck.... I sure would be happy with that!

So from camp No Does this is the Ex Baitlady signing off.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hey there, Just wanted to let you know that Hannah got a huge doe tonight guided by her Grandpa. We are all soooo proud. Girls Rule...Two yrs. ago she, your Sara and Great Grandma were the only ones to hang meat on the pole.
    So, good luck lady
    May your aim be true
    Blessing Be Yours

  2. thanks for taking me along on another shack journey ~ stay warm, or cool ~ whatever suits your fancy! If it makes you feel any better, this year the hunting stinks across the state border too!

  3. Mel, you're just too cool... love the part about
    the milk dripping from its lips - good luck
    with your hunting, hope you get one that
    looks just like the photo you posted...
    what a handsome buckaroo.
    Later girlie,
    love ya, me

  4. ~rofl~ You're such a delight. I love your hunting journal. Congratulation on your wins. I got my fingers crossed big-time for that TV one to be winner. That would be a sweet addition to any home. ;)

    Wishing you a clear shot, steady hand and happy hunting!