wet paint~

May you have butterfly mornings and wildflower afternoons.

I did it! I tackled the job that I've been putting off for the last six months ... I finally painted the bathroom.  Now I have the office left to paint.  I don't know what color the office is going to get yet; because I used the paint that Dear Hubby picked out for it in the bathroom today.

My bathroom was a chocolate brown color and it was just too dark in there.  So I decided to lighten it up with the blue.  It looks so bright in there now.

Since we don't have the bait shop anymore and I really don't need an office; maybe I'll just start calling the bathroom the office and call the office my computer room.  Wait... I can't do that ... then I won't have a library; which I already refer to the bathroom as.  Such a dilemma! lol

One thing I did discover about myself today while painting is how much I hate painting trim around windows, doors and the ceiling.  I told Slim the next room I paint ~  the walls, the ceiling and all the trim is getting the same color!!   Or else he can do it; or I'm hiring someone to paint for me.   I can't recollect Dear Hubby ever painting a room in the 33 years we've been married.  That's it ... the next room is his!  Maybe then he won't be so quick to criticize my painting techniques and pointing out where he feels it could use another coat, or where it looks a wee bit smudged along the trim board.  Geeze... sometimes that man should just keep his opinion to himself. 

Tonight I ache something terrible.

Day before yesterday I fell in the woods, flat on my face... and I wasn't even on rough terrain.  I was carrying a bundle of boughs out to the trail and I must have tripped over a stick or something.  Luckily, I didn't break my new glasses; because I was wearing an old pair this time around.  One broken pair of glasses a bough season is enough.

Then yesterday, I was out in the woods again; cutting boughs and I fell once more.  My legs just buckled out from under me and down I went.  That's why I stayed inside today ~ I'm getting so clumsy in the woods and Slim had to work at the paper mill and I felt I better not be going out alone.  So that's the reason I took on the painting project.  I think poor puppy, Brandy, was relieved today too that we didn't go out.  She looked about as tired as I did yesterday after watching me cut a couple hundred pounds.  When I fell though, she came and laid right down beside me ... looking at me like we were going to be wolf bait if we didn't get up.

So ....

Today, I was standing on a chair in the bathroom, cutting in the paint along the ceiling and my legs just buckled out from under me again and down I went again!  I fell off the chair right into the closed door and down to the floor.  I was just glad I didn't fall into the freshly painted wall or worse yet spill the tray of paint that I had in my hands.


Tonight while setting the supper table ... I'm walking towards the table and I started to fall again.  I caught my balance though this time by grabbing on to the table to steady myself.  What the hey????

Sometimes, having no knee caps can be a real hinderance.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Ya know Mel, all this stumbling you've been doing and the dizzies I have been having, I think we should just go back about 15 yrs. and start 'drinking for fun' again....at least our stumbling and dizzying (is that a word?), would have an excuse...other than you without those kneecaps and me with the vertigo....today, for me, a 'party' excuse would be more fun than the medical one so, have a good one and I will have one for you

  2. Hi Mel, I was going to comment and say how pretty your bathroom turned out, which it did and I was going to ask, "do you hire out?" But then listening to your falls, I was going to say, better not hire out but what the hey?!! But I have to agree with Dar, if your already falling maybe you need a real reason! I like party excuse!

  3. Ok, so as I'm reading your post I'm thinking to myself... there she is up on a ladder painting when her legs give out... and sure enough I was right. Dang woman ~ DONT scare me!

    but ~ with all your painting experience, you could help me next spring when I tackle my painting jobs.

  4. RE: I'll help anyone paint... just give me a brush or a roller; but please... no chairs, no ladders ... keep me on solid ground!

  5. Mel, I'm so sorry about your falls. It is really scary. Please be careful. I have had my share of falls, only broken ribs but I was very lucky. No more chairs, or ladders please. Take care dear.