hunting experience day 5

Over the next few days I'm hunting and taking a notebook along.  In the evenings I'll post how my day went.
What did I see today, beside the one red squirrel that the bobcat hasn't gotten yet?  Two girl deer or does as they are called.  
There wasn't much action ~ it was a pretty boring day.  It is amazing though how quiet a deer can be and also how loud some of them are. 

Today when the first doe; which was also the biggest and undoubtedly the oldest, came sneaking in by the bait she was hardly audible.  There was one very small twig crack and there she was.  When the younger doe came in about 10 minutes behind her ... I could here her coming about 50 yards out before she even got there.  I suppose she already knew it was safe enough to come in ... seeing as how the other doe had already been there eating and nothing happened to her. 

I don't have a tag to harvest a doe; but I do have a buck tag. 

I like having the does come in by my stand even though I can't take one.  It gives me something to watch to pass the time.  It helps me keep calm and alert at the same time in anticipation for a buck.  The biggest plus though about having the does there is that it increases my chances of seeing a buck ~ looking for a mate.  But today it didn't play out that way.  No boyfriend in the vicinity. 

It was a late start again today for me to get out hunting; although I haven't been seeing anything early on in the day so I don't think I missed out on anything.  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to get into the woods a little earlier. 

In anticipation for Thanksgiving I made up a pie today, and another dessert and some homemade dinner rolls.  I was told that I don't have to worry about cooking anything else tomorrow.  Staci, Sara, Sam and the granddaughters are taking over the kitchen.  This is great news! I can't wait to have Thanksgiving dinner all ready when I come in from hunting.  This is going to be a real treat! 

This could be the start of another family tradition being passed on down through the generations.  My mother hardly ever made the Thanksgiving dinner.  It was usually up to us girls when we were living at home to cook the meal.  Mom was out hunting; as she does to this day at 80 years young.  Oh ... she'd do a lot of the prep work, and bake pies, etc... but getting it cooked up and on the table usually fell on to us. 

I just got off the phone with her a bit ago and she said she already had her Thanksgiving dinner last night over at my nephew Mark's place with my oldest sister Linda and her family; but she'd be more than happy to come and eat again tomorrow.  She said she'd be sure to save more room this time around for the dessert.  She's so funny.

She didn't have any luck hunting today either.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day ... finger's crossed.

Dear Hubby and Sam's girlfriend, Ashley, ran over to Minocqua this afternoon and picked up the new television, sound system and TV stand.  Tonight, Sam and Ash are in the basement setting up the old TV and console that I had upstairs and Sara and Slim are having a bonding father and daughter moment putting together the console and TV upstairs.  I opted to stay out of everybody's way and came in the office to go on the computer.  By the sound of things in the basement and in the living room ... I know I made the right decision.  

Our HD receiver won't be here until next Wednesday though for the upstairs television thru Dish Network.  The technician that they are sending out will have to set that up and then set the one in the basement up at the same time.  So in the meantime we'll be using the old receiver upstairs.  The television quality won't be that great; but it'll be better than nothing.  I'll be so happy when all this gets figured out and done with.... and I can get the two rooms back in order.

Because of all the commotion of getting supper on the table, dishes washed, the television sets getting moved; I missed the Hunter's Round Up on the radio.  I guess that too will have to be put off until Friday.  They aren't broadcasting it on Thanksgiving eve.  Saturday will be the drawing for the bigger prizes... including the 42 inch plasma TV that I got put into the other night.   Wouldn't that be a hoot if I won that!  Then the guys would have to move the TV's around again! Let's keep our fingers crossed once more. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Sounds like your day in the woods was as productive as our crew...notta thing...but wet...better luck to you tomorrow...afterall, it is Thanksgiving so maybe you will be the lucky one.
    Smilin on ya for the big one
    So nice the kids are doing the cooking for you. I agree we should do an old fashioned Thanksgiving at the farm again tho, next year.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours
    Blessings Be Yours

  2. Hey Mel

    Cindy E gave me your blog link. Very nice! We haven't seen a deer down here in Clark Co - pretty sad! Good luck to you!