hunting experience day 6

Over the next few days I'm hunting and taking a notebook along.  In the evenings I'll post how my day went.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
It's Thursday morning - and I'm out in the deer blind - praying this will be my lucky day.  I was up early today at 5:00 a.m. seeing Dear Hubby off to work.   I made another dessert for tonight's big meal - grasshopper pie.  I turned the kitchen over to the kids and here I am.  Waiting.  I'm staying out here all day until it's too dark to shoot unless the Big Boy Mr. Bucky comes in and changes my plans.
I'm reading the Wisconsin Outdoor News.  It's a monthly publication where hunters can brag and boast on the picture board; but more importantly it's about all the hunting news going on in the state.  It always has feature articles on the pro & cons of issues.  It's by no means one-sided.  If there's an issue to be debated everyone gets a fair voice.  It also keeps everyone  abreast of hunting and gun regulations and it always has great articles on what our government is up to in regards to the sportsman.

My favorite part of the newspaper though would always have to be the "On The Trail" report given by Dean Bortz - the editor - who is also my cousin!  He always manages to give a more personal story of things that are going on.  When my Dad passed away 2 years ago in October he did the best story ever of him and his dream of building a boat.  Then when my Mom shot her 8 point buck the following month he did an exclusive on her.  Dean ~ you're the best!
11:00 a.m. Still no action - still waiting on Mr. Big.  It sure does feel strange being all donned out in blaze orange hunting clothes instead of being in the kitchen on Thanksgiving .  This is tough - cooking has been a part of me my whole life.
Ever since my first job as a kitchen assistant at Boyd's Mason Lake Resort when I was 15 and excluding my secretarial stints with North End Machinery and Dr. Enzinger - and being a bartender at Dixies, JR's & MP, all my other jobs were in the kitchen.  I cooked at Just Drift Inn, Lake Bastine Resort, Fort Flambeau, and a 15 year run at the Northwoods Supper Club.
After all those cooking jobs in 2003 was when we opened the bait shop and I finally stayed home to work.  Then this last September we closed shop ~ so I'm really starting a new chapter in my life.
Now I'm a couch potato.
12:00 I just heard the noon whistle blow at the paper mill in town - 7 miles away.  I was happy when the mill started up after it's shut down between buyers that the new owner had it restored.  I think a lot of other people were happy about it too.  It's a part of the town; just like it's people and it was good to have it back.
RE: Dar-- on your comment about my post about my memory and remembering the names of the indian tribes in the state? You went to the same school I did - weren't you paying attention in history class?  Don't you remember Mr. Warshall saying, "Pay attention, you might need to know this some day." LOL  He used that line a LOT... I guess I must have paid attention.
A flock of sandhill cranes just flew over - heading south for the winter - are they ever getting a late start - and are they ever vocal.
2:30 - Just heard my first gun shot of the day.  It sounded more east of me than south - where Mom is sitting.  Then again - its really hard to tell when you're sitting in the middle of the woods surrounded by balsam trees, maples and tag alders.  Plus there's a lot of downed trees and brush by me, from a tornado that touched down in the woods here about 4 or 5 years ago.  I wish Dad was around.  He had a really good memory when it came to stuff like that.  He could probably give the exact year, day and hour when that happened.
You all heard of DeJa Vue?  What about  DeJa Moo?  You probably all heard this line of bull s#*t before.
3:30 - Heard a shot to the south west
--- I'm so ready for a long hot shower and a good evening with my family.  I called Staci this morning to remind her to turn on the TV so the kids could watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I always liked watching that while cooking.  Next year - if I hunt - I think I'm going to stay in on Thanksgiving Day.  It's kind of depressing for me today being out here all alone in the woods.  Just me, myself and I and a little red squirrel who's even lost interest in me.
4:10 - The two does are here again.
4:30 - It's getting dark - quitting time.
I'm going home to my family and a nice meal.
Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.

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