My fabulous fur jacket arrived today ~ and it's too big on me... boohoo  I'll have to send it back and get a size smaller.  Who ever would of thought that I'd be saying those words? No... I haven't gone on a diet and lost a ton of weight (that doesn't even happen in my dreams).  It's just that the jacket is cut a lot larger than I thought it would be.  I guess that's the risk of ordering online; where you can't slip it on first before buying.

Nothing much is going on around here.  The weather is gloomy ... to say the least.  It's a misty rain right now; but it feels like it could change over to snow out there.  A little snow would be okay ... it is November... and this is Wisconsin.  We had snow in October; that's all melted off and it just seems so blah looking outside without it.

This weekend is the opener of the gun deer season in Wisconsin.  The area is already flooded with the 'Orange Coats'.  That's what I call the hunters.  I've even had a few non locals stop in to the bait shop for bait and to say hello.  They were surprised to see that I had closed my doors in September and no longer have the bait shop running.  It's nice to see some of the old customers when they stop in.  I have fleeting moments where I miss the bait shop; but it passes really fast! 

Today I have my Grandlove Bailey Jean spending the day with me.  She's been, "Grandma" this and "Grandma" that all day ... she doesn't quit.  Where does that kid get her energy? Right now she's laying on the couch watching CMT ... giving me a bit of a break... but I know it won't last long.

This morning I drug out my sewing machine from it's cubby hole in the laundry room and sewed up another hole in Slim's jeans.  Gosh... that guy is hard on pants.  He doesn't even have to work that hard at the paper mill; but he keeps getting acid spills on his clothes and he's constantly needing patch jobs done.

I figured since I had the sewing machine out it would probably be as good as time as any to sew up a new Christmas tree skirt.  I had picked up some material a few weeks back for that project.  Any hoooooooooo.... I get my skirt all cut out and ready to hem up ... I have it laying on the kitchen table ... my scissors were laying there too ... I had to walk to the bedroom for my sewing box of thread, which took all of 1 minute ... I come back and little Miss Bailey has made a cut into my material that I have laying out.  Geeezeeeeeee.... I take my eye off of her for one second.  Her and scissors are not a good combo. 

At least she didn't cut her hair this time like she did with her Mom just a few days before school started.  Staci was in the shower and had left the scissors laying on her bathroom counter.  She hears this noise of something being cut.  Sure enough... it was Bailey... cutting off ONE of her braids.  Staci just about fainted away... because she knew instinctively what she had done.  So... Staci gets out of the shower and finishes the job... she cut off her other braid.  Thankfully, she didn't cut it off too short.  Now Bailey's hair comes to the middle of her back instead of reaching all the way down to her behind.   

Some days that girl is just up to mischief! 

She's the spitting image of her momma at that age; in looks and in actions ... Staci even cut her long hair off the day before Kindergarten picture day. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. awwwww, sorry to hear about your jacket, I was looking to see you in it all picturfied on here.
    And that BailyGirl, she is going to either be a beautician or a seamstress someday...she sure loves those scissors...cute
    Blessings Be Yours

  2. Loved reading your blog today Mel and hearing about Bailey. I guess wishes can come true!! I remember thinking that I hope that someday my son as a son just himself!! Bailey is such a cutie, she always seems to be smiling! Have a great day.

  3. Bad Grandma ~ letting scissors laying around with Bailey on the loose! LOL Isn't it amazing how fast those little buggars are!
    Can't wait to see you new jacket, whenever that may be.

  4. Tell Bailey to keep practicing on the scissors
    and I'll let her cut Uncle Mikey's hair next
    summer! lol

    Hey Mel, go back and read the last messages...
    there is a crazy woman (Mike's naked pool
    partner) named Nancy... you can't quite
    trust her comments, if you know what I mean.

  5. Wow every family seems to have a precious little one that loves scissors... too cute! And just so you know your sis is the pot calling the pot black!!!! Crazy yeah maybe a LITTLE bit. And the pool thing is not public information. Can that be our secret? I guess not dang internet!!! We love your Sis!!! Have a great weekend