hunting experience day 4

Over the next few days I'm hunting and taking a notebook along.  In the evenings I'll post how my day went.
Day 4 already and I'm still hanging in there.  This hunting takes it's toll on a person both physically and mentally.  It's doubly hard on me to be out here while battling this darn fibro.  I took an Aleve last night when I went to bed, than another this morning and two of them at 1:00 and I'm finally starting to feel a little better.
This is the first time since Dear Hubby became old enough to deer hunt that he hasn't purchased a hunting license.  He's leaving it up to Sam and I this year to put the venison on the table.  I'm starting to think we're going to be eating a lot of chicken this year.  Good thing he's working at the mill for some of his buddies so they can hunt ~ maybe he'll make enough money to buy the chicken.
It's an over cast day and quite damp out; but still not that bad of a day weather wise ~ it could be raining or snowing.  The sun just refuses to break through the overcast and shine ... I won't be able to use the excuse "the sun was in my eyes" if I do get to shoot ~ and God forbid ~ miss.

I'm using Sam's rifle today.  He missed a deer yesterday by the power line because it was such a long shot.  Mine is sighted in for a longer distance and has a better accuracy shooting 400 yards; so we swapped.  I wish him luck.  He's got a place over there - it's like a deep depression in the ground.  He literally lays right down in it alongside this well used runway.  Yesterday, 2 guys came walking by and they didn't spot him until they were right on top of him.  He can watch the power line both directions.  It's a good blind - for a young healthy kid.  It would kill me to have to hunt like that.  First - I'd freeze like a popsicle and secondly - I'd have to struggle like a wallowing pig to get up quick enough to shoot if I did see something.  I'll leave that kind of hunting up to my GI Joe Sambo Rama Lama.
It's really quiet in the woods today.
About an hour or so left of day light.  It's getting dark early being so over cast.
Come on bucky - let me be lucky.
3:45 Just heard my first shot of the day - someone got meat - hopefully.

I hear a plane flying over really low.  I'm guessing it's the DNR - checking out stands and how much bait is being used and on the ground.  With the leaves off the trees; a pile of corn sticks out like a sore thumb from the air.  Some guys bait with apples and even sunflower seeds; because of that reason alone.

I suppose they do flyovers too looking for someone who may be lost or in distress.  You hear about it every year of someone coming up to the North Woods and getting lost.  There is a lot of territory up here that is uninhabited and a person could walk a long ways if they didn't know where they were going.  Even locals on occasion have been known to get lost for a while.  You can walk for miles and miles up here if you're not careful about direction.

There's a LOT of national and federal forest land such as Chequamegon and Nicolet,  land owned by big corporations, state and county land and big sections owned by the private sector. Also, some pretty big tracts of land that are indian reservations.  We have a pretty big population of Indian in our state.  There are the Bad River Tribe of Lake Superior Chippewa, The Potowatomi Tribe, Ho-Chunk Nation, Lac Court Oreilles, Lac Du Flambeau, Menominee, Oneida, Red Cliff Tribe, St. Croix, Sakoagan Mole Lake and Stockbridge Munsee or Mohican and Ojibwa that I know of. There's also a lot of casinos in our state now too. Go figure.
Well it's dark out and quitting time.  A pretty boring day in the woods.  One red squirrel was chattering; probably looking for it's mate that the bobcat got the other day.  Other than that... nothing.
We were listening to the radio station tonight again for the Deer Hunter's Round Up to get the daily report.  Boy... it's a slow season for everyone today.  One guy down by Kennan reported getting an 11 pointer, and a few camps called in with a spike or doe. 
The one thing that is a common complaint from a lot of the camps though is the wolf population.  I hope the DNR is listening in and addresses the problem soon.  The deer herds of Wisconsin are being hurt bad by the wolves.  One guy had a good suggestion.  Doing a relocation of the wolves in northern Wisconsin and putting them in the southern part of the state where the CWD is such a problem.  Makes sense to me.

Here's some of the camp names that called in tonight.
Camp Goose Grease, Camp Pop A Top, Sagwine Lumberjack Camp, Holding Down The Fort, Camp Wart Hog, Roller Dam Shack, No Name from No Specific Camp, Woodshack Rack Camp, Camp Buck Nuts, Elmer Fudd from Clam Lake, Camp Longshot, Camp Lean To, Camp Kill 'Em Dead, Toothless Beaver, Polecat at Camp Stinkypoo, Green Acres from Peeksville, Deer Hunter's Round Up Camp, Sloppy Pig, Camp So This Is It, Camp I Don't Shoot 'Em, Camp Up Chuck, Toaster Struedel, Lard Lake Lodge, Camp Cut Throat, Camp Beechnut, Camp Nosralj, Apple Creek Deer Camp, Camp Ya Dah Heh Dere, KO Shack, Hodge Podge Lodge, Low Impact Gang, Camp Red Neck Winnebago, The Rocky Carey Crew, Camp MT, Camp What's That Smell, The Kozak Shack, Camp Tamp On and of course yours truly - Camp No Does.
To my niece Hannah... I apologize for forgetting to mention your doe tonight on the radio.  You should call it in from your hunting crew... and get put into the drawings for the prizes.

Way to go Hannah!!! Hannah got a doe!!!!! Do the Happy Hannah Dance Hannah Got Her Doe!!!

I tried to post your picture up on my blog here and something is going on and I can't get anything to upload.  Maybe tomorrow I can get it on here.  sorry babe ... maybe your  G'ma Dar put it up on her blog???
Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Either you have a fantastic memory or you just know too much...WOW on remembering all the Indian tribes of our state, not to mention the names of all the camps that call in on the Deer Hunters Round Up...
    Still no luck out there huh? It sure has been slow...the guys aren't seeing a thing and they're hunting harder than ever.
    Nice of you to mention our Hannah's luck too...thanks Auntie Mel from Hannah
    Blessings Be Yours Sister and good luck tomarrow

  2. Another great day of reporting. I wish you had a tv show, I'd watch your hunting, fishing, cooking and gardens ventures with eager anticipation. I love your thoughts and oh the interesting info you share. You're a marvel, my friend.
    Please be careful out there. :)
    Wishing you the best of luck in your ventures.

    Wishing you and your family for a safe, pleasant and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Blessings to you all.