moose, leaf blower and bobcat ~

 moose stew
 What a title to my post! lol  Makes you wonder about me some times ~ doesn't it?  Well... like I said, I'm just a gal living the simple life up in the sticks of northern Wisconsin.  Not a lot of frilly, sophisticated stuff goes on around here.  I live 60 miles from the beautiful shoreline of Lake Superior, 45 minutes away in either direction to a town with more than 3 stop lights.  When I say I live in the woods.... I live in the woods! 
We need to go grocery shopping in Canada really bad... I only have a few quarts of canned moose left.  The last time we went hunting up there was in 2001.  Our moose supply has long run out; but thanks to our friend Mark, he gave me enough moose meat this summer to do up 7 quarts.  I'm guarding it with my life ... and would love to be able to replenish it; but those hunting trips into Canada are so expensive!  There are a few moose showing up in our area; but they're protected by federal law.  I don't think there will ever be an open season on them here.   I think I have to start buying lottery tickets... unless there's someone out there with extra cash just laying around and would like to donate it towards my grocery list ... so I can take a little trip??

It was a good day for stew.  The weather was gloomy and misty rain all day long.  The sun did shine for a bit this morning; but that was short lived.

Yesterday, while it was dry out ~ before today's rain ~ Sam and I finished getting all the maple leaves off the lawn.  Before, we would leave them on the lawn in the fall and hope that they'd blow off; but then it's such a mess in the spring time.  Then for the last 6 years we've been raking them off. Thankfully, my dear friend Porky, gave me a gift ~ an electric leaf blower!! THANK YOU Porky!!! Since he now has the resort, he needed something with a little more power; but it was enough power for me... it took a few extension cords to reach the edge of the lawn; but it was worth it.  What a difference ... it sure does save time and your back and arms from raking. 

Sam even crawled up on the garage and house roofs and did the rain gutters ~ that was right up his alley!

I have a couple more bobcat shots to share:

This one's so close you can count his whiskers!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your stew looks awesome and the bobcat, did you get him on the trail camera, way cool that you really can count his whiskers...
    I know how you feel about the canned meat being near its end and 'guarding' it...that is just what I have to do with the last few jars of our canned venison...had some tonight with mushrooms and onions...omg, so good
    have a great remainder of the weekend...I could go now if you guys planned another moose hunt...hint, hint...

  2. Thank heavens for zoom lenses :) Purrrdy puddy cat.(puddy - isn't that one of Linda's scrabble words?)

  3. Those are lovely pictures of the bobcat.

  4. Great pictures of the Bobcat!!
    Never had Moose for dinner prefer fresh fish from the lake.
    Love Lake Superior and all the beautiful wildlife.
    - Cheers from Canada.

  5. You ought to publish your Moose Stew recipe. Looks good! I'd like to see photos of the woods near your house, too.

  6. I hope you keep up with posting more regularly, Mel. I always enjoyed visiting your Baitlady blog SO much! And what is this that you're no longer in the bait business?! When did this come about? Hope you and your loved ones have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! It is funny how we keep stumbling upon each must be destiny!


  7. I love what you captured here. Your world is very different from mine.

  8. Ahhh, I love stew or soup days... when the weather is a bit too cool , stew is such a welcomed warm comfort... And the joy of childhood memories of my Mom having a big ol' yummy pot of stew or soup on waiting for young'uns when we'd get home from school or in later years it'd be from work. In my heart it's such a pleasant food.

    Love the pictures and I definitely agree with Cher about the zoom lens. lol
    Is it unsettling to you all when you spot a bobcat so close by? My goodness, bears on the back porch, bobcat by the woods and raccoons a nosing in your business, boy my friend, you have to be ever on the alert. lol I really enjoy your pictures and stories. I'm so thankful you share them with us. :)

    Wishing you a beautiful warm day!

  9. are out in the boonies with bobcats in your backyard!!
    I say this with much respect...I would love to be living out in the backwoods!
    Moose meat well..not for me but my hubby would LoVE it. I shoot moose with my camera only..naturgirl you know..tree hugger and all that stuff.
    Oh Patsy Cline is singing on your sound sytem....humming along...I adore her always have...I'll keep tying until the song is over!
    Thank you for leaving me a message of encouragement at my blog...a pleasure to meet you!
    Song over time to say goodbye! hugs NG