cardinals ~

Oil painting ... project number 3.

Here we go again ... the lady has gone bonkers and is going to attempt another painting!

I figured the only way that I am going to overcome my fear of using oil paints is to jump right back into the saddle and tackle another picture.

I decided not to waste any expensive hard board or canvas during this trial and error period ... so I dug around in some scrap lumber laying around out in the garage and decided to paint on those for a while, until I build up my confidence.

I found a board a little bigger than a post card and decided to paint it white ... and now I'm in the process of adding a pair of cardinals.

Here's my photo progress so far:

 ~ my rough draft sketching in pencil ~

~ giving the Mrs. some color ~

~ adding some color to the Mr. ~

I took Sunny's advice and decided to use a picture for some reference.  What better place to look for reference than my bird book.  This photo also shows how small this painting actually is .. it's propped up on my paint brush.

Other then my trying to bring out my creative side ... nothing much is going on around here.  I would love to be digging in the dirt, getting my hands dirty in the flower beds; but they are still under a good foot of snow ... and more is falling as I make this post.  

I told Dear Hubby I was bored ... and he had all kinds of domestic suggestions ... such as laundry, cooking, cleaning and sex.  I said, "What! Has it been six months already?  Is it really time for vacuuming and sex?"

I decided to paint.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I love cardinals, your's will be very pretty. When I get a greeting card with cardinals on it I always frame it. Will be watching your progress.

  2. I love cardinals too. Looking forward to seeing your finished oil painting.

  3. What! Has it been six months already?....too funny and the really funny thing about that statement is Slim says it's so!~~~~Anyway...
    Your cardinals are coming along just fine. If the storm doesn't get too nasty, I'll have to drop over tomorrow. Missin' yourself. Still laughin'

  4. Hey Girlie, You had me laughing outloud with your comment about six months.... I read it outloud to GE and he cackled also.... Love it!!!!!

    Your Cardinals are gorgeous. Both of them are good.... Congrats!!!!

    Still laughing over this post...
    Sista Betsy

  5. Thanks for the chuckle.

    I got inspired and finished off my 3rd water colour. I had started it a number of weeks ago but it wasn't going right and, and, and ... but today, I took courage in hand. It is finished. Not great (a little over worked in places) but then not bad for a beginner either I suppose. Perhaps I'll post it next time I put a post up. It is a water lily done from one of my photos.

  6. You go Girl! Your drawing is wonderful and your painting is coming nicely. LOL on the rest!

  7. You are too funny! :::still chuckling:::

    Your cardinals are going to be beautiful!

  8. Mel, Check out Sunny at Sunny's Studio...she's going to an online art class. Thought you'd be interested.

  9. I'm so glad to see you are starting another painting, Mel. The cardinals are turning out really nice.

  10. To hell with the painting (which looks good by the way), you better get off your 6 month hiatus and take hubby's suggestion! You KNOW how these guys are about these things. They LOVE the idea of a good sweeping!

  11. Good comeback - go paint! Next thing you know, Slim will expect you to shave your legs before spring! MEN! LOL
    'love & hugs from afar'

  12. Hey, wanted to see if you had a Big Lots store near you. If so, check out their crafts/scrapbooking area. They sell artist 'stretched canvas' on frames for really cheap. Might not be as good as what you'd buy in an art store, but nice 8x10 ish white canvas - 2 for $3! While you're in your trial phase anyway... Just wanted to let you know!

  13. LOL Mel...that was funnnnie! You seem to be very confident in your drawing and painting, I think you're a natural!

  14. I think you made the right choice compared to hubbys ideas..