happy ground hogs day ~

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Puxsutawney Phil's prediction ~ No shadow! Spring is near!!

That's good enough for me ... that's what I was waiting to hear this morning ... so it's all systems go!

We're packing up and heading into snow country... ha ha ... Dear Hubby says that's what he's got a big old truck for ... driving in the snow ~ and we're not going to let a little dusting like the midwest states got dumped on them in this last storm get in our way.   If it takes a couple extra days of travel time and we end up hunkered down in a hotel some where .. oh well .. so la be.

We're not strangers to driving in snow.  It's the other guy out there on the road that concerns us.  Hopefully, those people will stay off the roads and let us snowbirds go about our merry way. 

I probably won't be on my blog for a week or so ~ but will update when I can.  In the mean time ... SMILE :)  

Ground hog Phil predicts an early spring!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Have safe!

  2. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that he stayed in his burrow, snug in his jammies, and just phoned in the report!

  3. Safe travels and enjoy yourselves!

  4. Hey Sweetheart, we just saw the predictions and thought of you guys. Have a great trip. Slim and the Big truck will show'em.

    Love you for brightening up our SOUTH!

    Have a great and safe trip, but watch you manners down south! LOL

  5. Have a safe trip and Enjoy your time away from home! Take care, Sheila

  6. Oh please be safe! Indeed, those other drivers can cause all sorts of problems. Make sure you've got plenty of emergency supplies and warm blankets! God bless you in your travels.

    P.S. Just because you're gonna be traveling, I'm still going to keep you in the drawing for the goldfinch giveaway. I'll be happy to save him for you if you win! :)

  7. Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation.

  8. Safe travels ... so what if you don't make ALL your itinerary ... its the fun of the going.

  9. Have a safe trip and loads of fun. Take pictures.

  10. Hey kiddo, I tried calling you must have been busy getting ready for your South travels. Sure wish I had a few extra bucks cause I sure would be riding with ya. Sorry it didn't work out. I just KNOW you will have a great time without me. Hugs to Colleen and Michael. Have another great Get-Away. safe and check in once in awhile, will ya?

  11. Yay. Happy for Spring to be near. lol

  12. Be safe, Mel, and have a wonderful trip... YES--you have to watch out for these southerners who cannot drive in snow... ha


  13. Here's wishing you a safe and fun trip! With your spirit you will do fine for you will take whatever lemons are handed to you and make lemon-aid. Be sure to keep a watchful eye when/if you get into Tennessee if there is any chance of sleet or snow. ☻