goose painting 3 ~

I truly appreciated all the comments and encouragement I received on my goose painting yesterday.  Thank you ... that's what I needed ... someone to tell me not to trash it and keep at it.  I felt very discouraged with it; but I also wanted to keep going with it and prove to myself that I can oil paint.  

I took your advice and kept at it ...

After looking it over and over and trying to figure out what was bugging me about this painting,  I came to the conclusion what was bothering me about the painting was that it looked like the goose had only one wing ~ and that wing was laying awkwardly across it's back ... there was no separation between it's wings.  Also, I thought it was too orangey looking ... it's not easy sometimes being colored blind and having to rely on reading the color on the paint tubes and hope that it's going to come out right ... or looking at a picture of something and trying to duplicate that color.


With a lot of hesitation ... and then ... oh my gosh! what have I done ... look at this muddled mess ...
I gave the goose a wider wing,  two wings, a back area, tried to tone down the color a notch and added some slight shading ...

Oh my ... I am really screwing this goose!
 Now I was really ready to throw in the towel.

Now what?  So I took Jack's advice and gave it some legs ... or I should say, half legs.... the toes are in the water.  I tossed in some more feathers, and plopped some water on the page and today I'm at a whole new stage with painting my goose.

If this oil painting has proven anything to me ... it's the great admiration I have for those people who can slap out a painting a day!  Mercy ... I really am not that patient of a person ~ and oil painting is certainly teaching me patience.

I am not giving up on completing this painting.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. YAY for you, Mel! I am so glad you didn't trash the painting. Your finished product is wonderful. All of the additions really did make a difference, but I'm so glad you didn't trash it and start over.

    Now I'm waiting to see what the next painting is going to be!

  2. There you go. That's better. By adding the legs and the water its blending the bird into surroundings and you're not fixating on his back and/or wing(s) as much. Keep at it!

  3. So glad you chose NOT to give up on this painting! You area fantabulous painter.

  4. It looks to me like you are getting the hang of it! Way back when I had an artistic streak, I tried going from oils to acrylics and had a heck of a time making the change. Your goose looks fine and putting legs and water on him is a good idea.

  5. You made the right choice to keep at it. If it was easy, YOU would not be doing it...cause I know how much you LOVE a challenge. You have the touch...keep it.

  6. Mel, you are your own worst critic! Take the time to really look at other peoples work and you will feel much better about your own. Your goose is not cooked - it's going to stand in that water for a long, long time:)
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. Glad you didn't trash it. I don't know a thing about painting but admire people who do and you do.

  8. my John says
    it looks good

    he's an artist, too

  9. The legs do add but I didn't see a problem in the beginning. Guess I don't have a critical eye.
    Amazing that you paint being color blind. Glad that didn't stop you.

  10. Your painting is really very nice! I've enjoyed reading and seeing your various stages in painting the goose.

  11. Great painting! You are very talented! Thanks also for following me! :)