goose painting ~

Well ...
I took the first brave step and added some oil paint to the drawing.  Baby steps ... baby steps ... using oil paints is a whole new thing for me.  This is my second attempt at using them.  I'm finding them so much harder to work with than acrylics; but I love the look of the oils over the acrylics.  I also love that they don't dry so fast and give me more working time.

I do know one thing that I'm going to do one of these days ~ take some lessons so I can learn the proper techniques of doing this and I'm also going to invest in some good brushes.  You should see the barn painters I'm using.  A real artist would have a good laugh!  They are the left overs that date back to all the craft projects that I used to do with my girls when they were babies.  There isn't a good one in the lot.

I have a house guest today ... my Grandlove Bailey is sick with pink eye.  I guess it's going through the school district pretty bad right now ... and the poor little whipper snapper is one of them afflicted with it.  She looks terrible ~ but says she feels okay and doesn't know why she can't go to school.

Getting to eat a bowl of chicken snack ramen noodles in the living room in front of the television seemed to perk her up!

She is such a funny kid!

When we were watching the morning news there was a shot of New York city on the TV screen and a shot of the Statue of Liberty.  She told me that she was in New York when she was a baby. (not so)  She also told me that she visited the "Cement Lady with the Torch" (not so).  I asked her what else she did while visiting New York and seeing the Cement Lady with the Torch.  She said, "Don't you remember Grandma?  That's where you bought all my baby clothes.  You were there and so was my Mom.  Why do you keep asking me what we did there? Grandma, sometimes I wonder about you.  Your memory is getting real bad."

LOL ~ yes Bailey ... that it is!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Out of the mouths of babes! My grandchildren could say the same about me... and my sister often does, when we don't agree about something that happened in our childhood.

    Love, love, love your goose head! I don't know that you could do any better work with better brushes; those seem to be holding you in good stead.

  2. The goose is looking mighty fine to me!

    Your grandgirl is a real cutie AND character ... so WERE you ever in New York?

  3. Love it!!!!! Ain't they great!
    Sherry has a Nephew who has always remembered things that happened before he was born.

    I am with you on the painting. I would love to have a few lessons. Brushes? I have a couple make-up brushes in my collection!!
    Love the goose head (I could paint a goose egg!) Your talents and that of the entire family, amaze me. Love it.

    I bought a nice hinged paint box in Vermont, I love it. Gotta get back to the fun painting one day!!!

    Have fun with Bailey today. Hope she is better soon so she can go back to school. I sorta wish I had liked school enough that I would have missed it. hahahahahah

    Give our love to mama, when you see her!

    Love you Mel UP north
    From Jack & Sherry at RAinbow springs.

  4. Love your goose - working oils are much different than working acrylics for sure!
    Love that Bailey had to remind Grandma of her forgotton trip. Gotta love the imaginations of kids. Kind of like my dreams - so real that they are hard not to believe.
    'Love & hugs from afar'

  5. The goose is coming along great. Your grandlove is a cutie, hope she is better soon. Take care, Sheila

  6. That's a great start on the goose! Actually I've seen professional artists who had paint brushes that looked really, really terrible!!! The talent lies in what you've been able to do with those brushes. Hope your grandlove's pink eye clears up soon, it was kind of a messy business as I recall!

  7. First of all...what you've done with the goose is beautiful, Mel. I'm so excited to watch the progress!

    Then I wanted to tell you that if you should decide that you aren't up to keeping Bailey one day, just ship on her to WV. I'd love to have her around! What a cutie!

  8. You are great at your painting you have so much talent can't wait to see the finished goose. Beautiful little grand-love you have there. Take care.

  9. As I was about to say at 3, (then realized I had to pick up Bill), awesome job on the goose, have the knack sista! Your brushes look a heap better than mine, but they still work. Hey, let me know if you ever take a painting class, I'll do it with you. About the goose, It's going to be gor-ge-ous!, just like that wee BaileyGirl. I haven't seen her since Christmas...she's grown at least a few more inches. Sorry she has pinkeye...hope she's feeling better. Her comments about the cement lady and NY are too funny.

  10. Your goose is looking so nice and cute sayings from your grandlove.

  11. Oh that poor child! I remember when everyone seemed to get the "sore eyes" (as we called it) down in central Florida. My Mom was in bed with it for about three weeks. Yes, I said IN BED with the sore eyes. It is so painful. I can feel it now. Mom or Dad would come in the mornings and bring a hot wet wash-rag to wipe our faces with so we could open our eyes. No fun at all. How can Bailey look so chipper?

    And there you go doing another great art piece with the oil paint. Your brushes are only as good as the artist!

  12. Oh that Bailey!!!! I giggled and laughed...:)
    Have a great day and I love your goose...

  13. The goose head looks like a good start. I like the photograph of your granddaughter too.