Happy Valentine's Day~

Happy Valentine's Day!

I told Dear Hubby some new chrome would be a nice gift ...
a new car ...


I'll settle 
kitchen faucet. 

that had a way of irritating my last good nerve.


Yesterday afternoon, we picked up Mom and took her for a drive up north of us to my brother Eric's land.  He is logging off and making firewood of some of the blown down trees from the tornado that went through there last summer.  

We could only drive in so far ...
Then we had to walk the trail to where my brothers Eric and Randy were working.

An orange hard hat and a Green Bay Packer sweatshirt ~
what a fashion statement!

Slim jumped right in there with helping to run the controls on the jammer to load up some logs.
Boys and their toys.

 ~gotta love that green and gold~

The big yellow thing on the right is the new dray the guys put together to haul out logs behind the jammer.  They have to haul the logs out across 2 forty acre sections ... so it saves them a little time and effort ... although when I was there they only hauled out the one load with the tractor and trailer.

Along side the trail was a nice sized wolf track.  

There was also a nice sized deer track ... with a drop of blood in front of it.
My guess ... the deer is no longer there.

As you can see by the pictures ... we still have a LOT of snow in the woods.

it's rough navigation with all the broken down trees laying everywhere

The weather has warmed up enough that the sap is starting to drip from the trees.

Mom just cracks me up some times ...
The snow was falling off the trees and where does she stop to have a look around ~

Right smack dab under it.

It didn't fall on her ...
but seriously 
nasty little me
was half hoping it would have.
I would have laughed. 
I'm bad.
I know.

Eric ~ Randy & Slim

looking across the field

heading across the field with a load of wood

looking up the road ... checking both ways for traffic ... lol

Slim ... sporting his short goatee ... 
It was all the way down to his chest but he decided to 'clean up' for spring early and cut it shorter right before Christmas. 
Truthfully ... it was starting to curl and it was driving him crazy ... but he won't admit that. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Great pictures, Mel! I don't think I'll complain about the little dab of snow we still have on the ground. :)

  2. Great trudge in the snowy woods! Laughed at the mom under the tree snow!!! :) and all the green and gold subliminal messaging...

  3. By golly, you did have some snow to fight. Not liking the wolf track. Eric said there have been sign of fisher, wolves, fox, deer and weasels. I suggested he set up his trail camera...has he? What a mess of criss-cross, and it doesn't begin to show with all the snow. That's a dangerous place to stand, Mom! She sure was happy when you called her to ride along, Mel. Nice entry, Mel.

  4. "Up North with Mel" - a true statement! When one can see wolf tracks, and the track of wounded deer, you are up north.

    Loved your photos of logging in the woods.

  5. That tornado really did do some damage. Guess it is easier to do all that now with out a lot more underbrush to contend with.
    Great pictures that showed just all that needed done. Nice to have such neat tools to "get er done" with.

  6. Well I don't envy them that clearing job. We had an ice storm a couple of years ago that messed up the trees around here ... between that a beetle kill there has been a lot of clean up.

    Now aren't you rascally imagining that snow ploppin' smack dab on Mither ... still, it would have been a rather humorous sight.

  7. Happy Valentine's Day. Really pretty photos but I know you are tired of snow. Enjoy your evening.

  8. Thanks for the trip back into our little brother's land. I'm so glad I got to walk through it last summer BEFORE the tornado did its damage. What a gorgeous piece of property. Shame on you wishing that snow would have fallen on Mom - (I say as I snicker at the thought, knowing she would have laughed if it happened to someone else)
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. Great post, Mel. Thanks for sharing the trip with us. I especially loved seeing the deer and wolf tracks in the snow. Blood, though, made me think maybe there have been poachers at work? So glad you all made it home safely - it's been gorgeous weather here yesterday and today! Hopefully you get to East Tennessee next year.

  10. Enjoyed the pictures...beautiful woods! Makes me miss the woods in VA!

  11. Great pictures Mel. I can't believe my man Slim out without the Coon Skin Cap, oh, of course it probably wasn't cold enough, probably just 5 or ten degrees, nearly spring!
    Your mama makes me happy, just seeing her get out. She is one tough cookie!

    I guess the firewood is a blessing but losing the trees that way is not.

    Take care and Happy Valentines day to you and OLD man Slim!!
    Sherry & jack sending LOVE from Florida

  12. Looks like work to me!!! Dan would fit right in. He loves to run his chain saw and cut wood. HE HATES the splitting part though!

  13. Rough work. I used to have a logger in my life so he educated me about what the world of logging was about up in the Ponderosa. He was a skilled skidder operator most of his life, but he developed an aneurysm and was told not to drink. He drank one weekend off work and that Monday he told his dad there was no one to tie chokers for him so he was doing double duty and ruptured the aneurysm and died within a few minutes up among the ponderosa he loved so much at the age of 61. He took me to logging camps where he worked a number of times up in the high timber.

  14. looks like an awful lot of work but it is beautiful. glad nothing fell and landed on mom!

  15. Bob and I gave each other a practical Valentine's Day present - a queen-sized mattress set. The one we have been using is over 15 years old and needed to be replaced.

    Slim's goatee looks a lot like Bob's goatee. Bob is letting his grow.