mama mia~

Mama mia ~ what's this all about?
Are you kidding me!

We only get one vacation and plan on heading out of Wisconsin 
to drive through southern 

this is what the forecast looks like???!!!???

Notice where the weather is nice ~ and there are no big snow, rain or tornado forecasts ...

In my neck of the woods!

I DO NOT want to leave Wisconsin
drive south
and have to look at more snow!!

Seriously ...
This is not a pretty picture.

I guess I'll go do my taxes today ...
Get some prescriptions refilled ...
Do some laundry ...
Pack some suitcases ...
and hope this weather forecast looks better by tomorrow.

on a brighter note:

~image from the internet~

only in Wisconsin ... 

Trig's grocery store in Minocqua has green and gold bratwursts on sale for $2.99 a pound.  They're filled with green peppers and cheddar cheese!  Just for the Green Bay Packer fans!!! We do love our brats (pronounced brots - just in case you're thinking that we're all brats up here in the frozen tundra and had a sausage named after us).

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hoping for an improvement in the weather forecast so you can do your trip...green and gold brats...love it!

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  3. I removed last comment because when you type with your fingers on the wrong keys it just doesn't make much sense. lol
    SO let's try this again -

    If you have a change of plans let us know and we'll meet you for a 'play date' somewhere UP NORTH where the weather is calm.
    Safe travels and watch out for those idiots that like to lock up their brakes and slide down the roads.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  4. Sure doesn't look good. I'm in Northern Ark and we are expecting ice but are hoping for snow. Right now, I am prepared for days with out power.
    Think your plans need altered at least for a few days.
    Be careful.

  5. Good Luck, and stay safe. One advantage, you guys know how to drive in that stuff!!

  6. Hi Mel, Hope you wait a few days to leave... It is truly going to be wicked all the way to Texas ---unless you head EAST and then SOUTH and then WEST.... They say this may be the worst storm in many years.

    We are FINE here in TN --although we may get rain and wind.. IF you can get south toward KY and TN, maybe you will be okay... My prayers are with you... Keep us posted please. IF you get anywhere near Nashville, let us know and we maybe can meet you for lunch one day.


  7. I don't think my last comment got posted so I'll do it again. :)

    Hope you can delay your trip for a day or two to let this system pass thru. What a mess! Green and gold brats. YUCK!

    And I love reading your blog because you mention places I used to hear about in another life... :)

  8. I hope you have good weather on your trip (BTW, love your new look!!). Here in Ga it is getting more spring like, and we are planning on our trip back to Mi leaving here around 3/25 but a lot depends on the weather between here and there! Will you be posting while you are gone?

  9. I'm with you on the weather. It does not make sense to leave any weather condition to go where it's going to be worse. That's out of the fridge into the refrigerator! Mel, I had to smile at the "brots". I've announced my brothers and sister when we stood up to sing as the Brannen Brats. Next time It may be Brannens "Brots"! No - seriously, thanks to you and your sisters it will be the "Happy Harvesters"! O - and I definitely want to know if you get into Tennessee.

  10. Hey, I hope you don't let some forcast dampen a great trip. What trip is not great? Hopefully things will not be as bad as you think, and besides Y'all coming South, will brighten our area!@!!

    LOVE from Florida!

  11. Such a bummer to get nasty weather with such a nice trip planned...do as Betsy suggest and go further east, then south and west to Colleen's.

    Those 'brots' must have sold out fast cus I looked for them yesterday while in Minocqua. I did come home with some great cod, tilapia, tuna fillets, fresh shrimp and chicken for 49 cents a lb. Great buys for a change.

    I'm glad you decided to wait a day or two before leaving. Stay safe and 'LOOK OUT FOR THE OTHER GUY.' loveya and will missya

  12. I certainly hope the weather gets better for your trip!

  13. If you want to extend you trip a bit farther, it is going to be back into the 50s down here in NM within a few days, and the snow will be completely gone. I can guarantee the snow will melt in those other places!

    Be safe!!

  14. hope the weather gets better best in your tax issue the food looks good but sounds may be hot to eat take care rose

  15. we had bright sunshine today but the wind was really cold. So far its been the coldest winter we've had in several years. I may have to dig my coat out. Our company from Alaska says our 34 degrees yesterday felt colder then thier 34 degrees.

  16. I do hope the weather improves for you!!

  17. Don't like snow, how do you feel about ICE???
    I'm not wondering.... but Nancy at work is.
    She also says, "No comprenda on the comino
    Not even gonna discuss the toilet paper thing...:)
    Have a safe trip... no sliding into Texas!
    (You've got papers).