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snowy image of ft worth

Look what we brought to Texas!  Yuppers... I think we're the quilty ones.  What a mess this state is in since we got here.  I'm soooooooooooooo sorry!!!  The roads this morning are horrible ... the interstates are closing down ... the sand trucks are sliding off the ramps ... traffic is at a HALT ... big time.  We're renegotiating what our travel plans are going to be ... because right now ... it's a big I DON'T KNOW.  This storm system seems to be traveling northeast  ~ and that's the direction of our original plans of leaving here tonight and heading towards Tennessee and we already know that is NOT going to happen.  I think we may be here the rest of the week ... Colleen needs me ... enough said.

More later...  I promised Dear Hubby I wouldn't be hanging on the computer too long.  He's cooking a big ol' breakfast for us and the sausage and eggs are calling my name.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods. (snowy, iced over Ft Worth)


  1. The best laid plans of men - get changed! What ever happens I hope you still have fun.

  2. Please be safe whenever it is that you are able to leave.

  3. I think you're right because we haven't had snow up north since you left! Maybe you should stay down there until spring! I'm sure you and Colleen will come up with some adventures in that area OR there's always cards and board games to keep you guys laughing!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  4. Hi Mel - yeah, welcome to winter in Texas. Too much concrete. Too much ice. Not a good combo.

    Hey, have your sis Cher email me! She won my goldfinch drawing and I haven't heard from her!

  5. Mel, it's a beautiful day here in East Tennessee! Not a cloud in the sky and it is 30 degrees. However, I just checked the WX and they predict snow mixed with rain for tonight and tomorrow. I'm glad you know it's best to stay inside! Just pull up a chair to the table and enjoy that big breakfast. I know you'll have fun there with your family.

  6. Yes Mel---we are expecting snow here tonight.. Sorry you won't be able to make it over this way.. It is going to clear up over the weekend --if you can still make it... Next week looks pretty good SO FAR...???? ha

    Whatever you do and wherever you go, please be careful.

  7. I'm sorry TX is getting the nasty's cold, bitter cold with a windchill of -18 this morning and Mom is walking to the mailbox in her hunting clothes. It's supposed to be in the 30's over the weekend and stay that way awhile. Just thought you'd want to know...have a great breakfast and day playing with our baby sister.
    Loveya, Missya, Hugya, Kissya, and You too Colleen, Mike, and Slimmer

  8. Mel, I already emailed Texasgirl about my win!
    this is too funny - my word verification is 'donit'

  9. Last year Dallas got the 14" of snow when WE were down there. This time they can't blame Dan and me!

  10. Well don't come through AL going back home. We are supposed to get snow tonight. Then warmer weather this weekend. Maybe you should just wait until then to start anywhere. Helen

  11. Just read your note that you won't be coming to Tennessee on this trip. I really would have loved meeting you folks. Looks like we are now predicted to have 1 to 3 inches of snow by tomorrow morning - but should melt off before the day is over. Do be safe when you travel. BTW - you can always contact me at I check e-mail most every day. ☺

  12. Hey, the weather has become crazy since this global warming thing has cropped up.

    But you know what? Some of the best memories come from the changes we have to make.

    I remember seeing a church sign in Georgia. On it was printed:

    HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST count on it. This trip will have the best 'WAR stories' as we used to call them.

    Love hug Slim for us and Kiss Coleen we may meet sometime and I want her to have good memories of us!!!!

  13. It isn't snowing here in south Texas but we are freezing to death. Have a safe trip home.

  14. A friend of mine from here is in Austin for a couple weeks, and while she is glad she missed the big snow and freeze here, she was sad that she is experiencing 20° temps there!

    She doesn't blame you! ;D

  15. Be safe in your travels!

  16. Think you should stay put also. Four degrees and 9 inches of snow here but a big warm up coming this week end and next week.
    Stay safe.

  17. You jumped out of the weather frying pan into the fire, didn't you? You are so right; southern states simply cannot handle any appreciable amount of snow. We had about 7" where I live in Arkansas and it will have to melt off... which it's supposed to do this weekend. Perhaps you'll get your 'southern vacation' yet.

    Travel safe!

  18. it's been a terrible year with the weather. it's so unstable. Ga. has had snow 2x's since Christmas. take care rose