va ... k ~

After some very hazardous one lane interstate driving from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth  we finally made it to our destinatation on Friday.  The roads further north were icy and snow covered too; but 'up north' they have the equipment to clean off the roads ... unlike the southern states.  They REALLY don't do snow well down here!

None the less ...
We made it to my sister's place and we are having a grand old time!

Yesterday, was the Super Bowl and we LOVED IT!!! Yeah ~ Packer's ... you bought the Vince Lombardi trophy home where it belongs!
Colleen made me put this picture on here ... because she's standing over my shoulder watching me make this post... so now I have to explain:

The big Slim needed a belt ... so off to Justin Boots ... to find one with "GOOD" leather.  Oh yum.... I just LOVE the smell of leather ... and it did smell good in there.  I should have taken more pics in there ... there were rows and rows and rows of boots ... all sizes ... all styles ... and some of them were REALLY awesome ... and REALLY expensive ... 

We also took a run over to the Imax Omni Theater yesterday and saw "Under The Sea". 

The Omni Theater is a huge dome theater ... 80 feet tall.   The whole dome is the screen ... and you sit right in the middle of it.   We sat up in the nose bleed seats ... which in my opinion were the best seats in the house.  We watched "Under the Sea".  The 3D effects are spectacular!  You feel like you are right there in the ocean with the urchins and other sea creatures. 

Well ... gotta go for now ... I'll try to update a little later this week before we head off to TN. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods ... (this week is Texas)


  1. Was great chatting with you a bit ago...I missya!
    Looks like you're having a great time without me. I sure want a pair of those boots...Colleen has to take me there again. It's been forever.
    Have a sunshine's snowing hard right now.

  2. HI Mel, Glad you made it there safely. Like we all KNOW (those of us who live in the south), we do NOT do a good job when it snows or is icy.. We truly don't have the right equipment or enough of it...

    Glad your Packers WON.... I know you and Dar were very excited...

    Have fun in Texas.

  3. Oh yes. Visiting a boot shop is a must while in Texas. That is a heady aroma when you walk in the door - I think it's meant to rope you into buying something leather. :)

    Glad you made it down to my neck of the woods - you were taking your chances because as you found out, Texas doesn't normally handle this stuff well. You might have gotten a bit more help this week because of all the Superbowl hype - they brought in lots of sand, ice melt and equipment from other places to try to control the road conditions which were pretty much out of control for a while.

    Be safe as you continue on your journey!

  4. So, just curious, does Colleen go by "Col" to fit in with the rest of you sisters (Dar, Mel, Cher) or is she a rebel and uses her full name?

  5. Hey Sweet Lady, well did you get Big Slim a belt. Don't tell me thaer ain't that much leather in one strip in TEXAS! LOL (Sorry Slim)

    Glad you made the trip fine, but we knew you guys would. I know that is play stuff to your guys who have lakes frozen 'feets' thick.

    Great shots, thanks.

    Enjoy the vacation and maybe it will be spring when you get home!! Love youse guys! Have a great time.

  6. Oh, Mel...your pictures from the dome were beautiful! That must have been a totally awesome experience. Glad you had a safe trip.

  7. Beautiful pictures I'm glad you had a safe trip.

  8. Great pictures...continue being safe, look forward to seeing more of your trip!

  9. Glad you made it through all the weather and that you are having a GOOD time. I've never seen so many cowboy boots in one store!

  10. Mel, so glad to learn that you and Slim arrived in Texas safely. Our local channel out of Chattanooga just announced on the 6 o'clock news that we could have 1 t 3 inches of snow by Wednesday. Do be careful when driving. BTW Congrats to you and the sisters on the Packer's win last night!

  11. Rats, two comments have evaporated. Congrats on the Super Bowl win. Glad you were no part of those 400 denied seats.
    More snow coming, stay warm and safe.

  12. YEAH on our Packer win!!
    Yeah on your safe arrival!
    Yeah for the smell of leather!
    Yeah on your fishbowl experience!
    Yeah on Colleen and Mike getting to spend time with you two yahoos!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  13. Glad you made it safely. Those IMAX theaters are awesome!. Safe travels, Sheila

  14. Glad you're having a good time visiting with us here in Texas. I had the great pleasure of meeting John and Jane Justin back in the 1970s and actually being invited to their home in Ft. Worth. He was a true Texas gentleman and she was a fabulous cook - even had her own published cookbook - and a more gracious couple you would never meet. Thanks for reminding me of them.

  15. Lots of nice-looking boots! The man in the "boot picture" looks like he would wear a pair of those boots, judging by the cowboy hat :-)

    Nice pictures of the ocean creatures too!