goose painting 2 ~

I'm still plucking away at my goose ~ pun intended

Here's the photo progress report so far:

I'm not happy with it :(

I think it looks like a goose with the back of a pheasant.  

More updates coming after I do something to change it ...
what am I changing??  how am I changing it??
I don't know ...
time will tell.

Thanks for bearing with me on this.
Critiques welcomed ...
Maybe you are seeing something I'm not and I really do welcome your comments on it.

Should I just trash it and start over?

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh gosh no! Don't trash it! You're a brave soul to show your creation in stages. Just like a gawky teenager, the in between phase between sketch and completion can be frustrating! But keep going! I bet it will turn out beautifully!

  2. I LOVE it, Mel.. You are so talented. I have no talent whatsoever in this area--so I'm always in awe of those who do...

    Don't trash it... I think it's great...

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I'll break your arm if you trash it. I blew it up and I love the detail. I would love to be able to do that detail work. Look, this is something you know already, but it is a chalk artist's fact, 'Tell 'em what it is, and that is what they will see'.

    I see a beautiful Goose. If you don't like it, just put some legs on it and start another!!!

    I never tore a house down that was almost complete. Get the point Girl?

    You inspire me to try to do detail. You have a great talent, I think the oil is working for you. funny I went from oil to acrylic because it was faster, I am thinking of returning to oil.
    Love from Rainbow Springs in Florida

  4. I'm no artist but it looks mighty fine to me! If I could produce that I'd be over the moon.

  5. Personally, Mel, I think it is quite lovely. Let me know if you really are going to trash it and I'll send you my mailing address. ;)

  6. Oh, NO!!! don't trash it! You'll figure out what to do to make it look like YOU want it to look.

  7. Are You KIDDING? Do NOT trash that awesome goose!
    You asked me about the colors just now on the phone, and even tho you are a bit color blind, ya'd never know's looking great. I wish I had your patience. Love the oils.

  8. I love seeing the progression. I don't know what is upsetting you about it but the general concensus above is 'DON'T TRASH IT". I think we are all the most critical of our own work. Listen to us and enjoy.

  9. Dear mel, I am just trying to catch up on my blog reading.... I have no idea how to paint a goose. Do you have any reference photos you are using. That might be a big help. I use them alot in my painting work. Your detailing is wonderful! Don't trash it. I am proud of you for pursuing this talent of yours!

  10. I agree with everyonr else. Dont trash it! You have talent. It looks like a real beautiful goose. Blessings!

  11. Don't trash it!!! its a beautiful goose. Take care.

  12. You have my vote NO TRASH. I don't paint but I can see and it is beautiful.