from an owl to a goose ~

I finally feel like I'm catching up with things around here ~ after being on vacation.  Dear Hubby goes back to work tomorrow ... bummer ... but life goes on and the bills keep coming in ... so off to work he goes.
I was trying today to update the web pages on the JPD Warrior site ~ and I'm so frustrated with bravehost right now I could scream.  Three times I typed out all the winners of the fisheree on a page and tried to publish it and it keeps disappearing on me.  grrrrrrrrr........  I'm walking away from that for now and will attempt it again tomorrow.

I decided to try my hand again at another painting.  My last painting of the owl now graces the mantel by my sister Colleen.  She seemed very happy to receive it.  I never did take a picture of it once it was all completed and sitting on her fireplace.

Now on to the next project ... I'm painting a goose!   Don't know why ... just thought it would be a fun subject. lol  I'm still in the learning process of using oil paints ... and I know the only way I'm going to figure out if I like painting with them or not is to dig in and do it. After getting a feel for it with the owl painting ~ I think I'm liking it.

Here's what I have done so far of my goose ... a light pencil sketching on the board ~ I'll let you know how things are going when I start in with the oils.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your owl painting is so pretty, Mel! I will be looking forward to seeing the goose as you go along! I admire people who have a talent for art.

  2. Oh neat, neat, neat!!! Didn't know you were an artist!!! Hey, I think you should do a goldfinch and blow my silly little drawing out of the water! :)

  3. And soon, we will see, the rest of the cool Melo....ya make me want to pick up the brushes again. I have not painted with oils since Dad passed day I will put my pencil drawing of him up...maybe, it's one of those that's so personal to me., that no one has even seen it yet.

  4. Love your owl! You have many talents.

  5. I agree with Pat - you have many talents!

  6. You have a real talent for painting critters. Probablybecause you know so much about them, Not counting Slim, now. LOL

    Of course a goose ain't a critter, is it?

    Oh well on the disappearing pages. Do you ever cut and paste? On this system when I am doing something important I will type it on a word processor or a note pad of some kind, then copy and paste it to where I am going to send it. If it doesn't go or gets lost I only have to copy it again and paste it.

    I am so used to it, losing stuff, I automatically copy most everything. I will copy this comment after I finish and before I post it. so if it get lost I have it to paste back. The ony time I lose one is when I don't copy it. hahahahahahah

    TAke care and RELAX!

    LOVE Rain Bow Springs, FL

    PS I DID LOSE it and I had it copied. now to try again

  7. So far, looking good. Take us along with the progress.

  8. Lucky sister to have been the reciever of the pretty owl picture. The goose is looking good already.

  9. Really like your owl and the drawing of the goose looks like a great start! I haven't had any experience with oils...use watercolor or the ease of cleanup. Don't know what they use for oil cleanup these days...I know my sinuses couldn't take linseed oil anymore. Hope you can get the bravehost probs straightened out! So frustrating when stuff ends up out in cyberspace somewhere!

  10. HI There, We are home after a few days with friends in North Carolina.

    Sorry you all didn't get to TN... Hope you do sometime!!!

    Sounds like you had a great vacation and time at home BEFORE hubby had to go back to work.

    Love that owl--and I'm sure that Colleen LOVES it... Wow... Can't wait to see your goose...

    Hope you are having a good week.