There isn't much going on in my neck of the woods ~

I'm repainting a sign that I had propped up against the house, sitting on the deck rail by my front door ...
I need to add some ivy or little flowers to it yet and come up with a hanger for it ... the wind kept knocking it off the rail where I had it propped up before.

I didn't do any more painting on my cardinals ... maybe today sometime I'll finish them up.

Last fall I took all my bird houses down and have them in the garage waiting for my attention.  Some of them need new roofs or walls, some need a new coat of stain, or just need the nesting boxes cleaned out before spring.  I think I'll give them the once over this afternoon ... although we still have a ton of snow and spring feels a long ways off.

A few weeks back I was all gun ho on doing my spring cleaning.  I got the bathroom and kitchen cabinets done, the dresser drawers done and then I seemed to fizzle out on the rest of the house.  I need to get back into the cleaning mode ... while it's still cold out ... because once it warms up ... I'm out of this house and into the flower gardens and doing yard work.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. There's many cupboards in my house need cleaning out! I COLD day today, maybe I shud get crackin'!

    Started a picture if Mingus - I'll see how I do. If it turns out half decent I'll post but otherwise - no more mention will be made!

  2. I hear ya. Lots of spring cleaning to do yet too. But, just don't want to go there. I did drag out the sewing machine and stitch up a blown seam in Bill's work pants and hem a new pair of jeans for him...anyway, back at it.

  3. I got the basement storage room, kitchen cupboards, the dining room buffets, linen closet and bathroom closet done but thats where I stopped. I have been on hold since and haven't done a thing yet this week!! And once it warms up enough I WILL get the walls painted because come spring just like you, I will be outside !
    'love & hugs from afar'

  4. I just got all of my bird houses re-hung this week as the birds were already starting their mating dances. :)

  5. When ever i need a jolt on my lack of domestics duties, I watch that tv show "Hoarders"...

    Does it every time!

  6. i need that sign on my front door. i'll bet the birds are wanting the bird houses to be put out and readied for occupancy!

  7. Go back and try to post on Mel again:
    Hey sweetheart! Can I borrow the sign, at least it fits with me!! LOL

    Love your talent and energy. I would have run out of gas before finishing what you did. This weather would drain me, I think. I do admire all you guys and the ability to take it as it comes.

    Yeah, no doubt you will get the bird houses ready before letting season comes. You probably already have applications for the season!!!

    Love ya
    We are over in Ypsilanti now and have some electricity without hearing the diesel generator. haha
    Sherry & jack

    PS I can't help but laugh at Miss Cow and her ear rings every time I come here.

  8. I did my spring cleaning before we left for the winter so I don't have that to "look forward" to, BUT we have to get our home away from home (5th wheel) cleaned up before we put it in storage for the summer! Have fun!!

  9. You've been a busy bee, Mel. There's much that needs to be done around here, but my want-to and can-do sometimes don't work together too well.