another day in paradise~

Not much is happening around here.  It's just another day in paradise. lol

I managed to get my green peppers pickled.  Yum... they are so good on the side with a hot dog or hamburger or better yet ... a bloody mary!

I've been spending my time with Dear Hubby in the woods these last few days ... waiting on a big old bear to come in.  It's hunting season right now for them and Slim has a harvest tag this year.  I'm tagging along with him to tell him if he can or can not shoot it. ha!

  Each year you have to put in an application for a harvest tag  ~ and if you're lucky ... after about 5 years of waiting you might get drawn for one.  This is Slim's year... now if he can just see a bear!  A BIG BEAR... because he won't shoot a little one.

We know they're out there ... but they just haven't been around these last few days when we WANT to see one.    It's always the same during the gun deer season.

Just a little note here:  We EAT what we HARVEST ~ so please don't get all tree hugger on me and anti hunting and all that because you'll be wasting your time on silent ears.  If you don't agree with our way of life, so be it, you're entitled to your opinion ... but please don't come on my blog and bash mine.  

Here's what we've been seeing:

It's only a matter of time and I KNOW these guys will be back:

I hope Mom and Babes come in again ... just for a photo op:

Mr. Mangy Wolf can keep his distance ~ we don't even want his shaggy butt in our woods!

What we're waiting on is one of the big ol' boys.  We know they're out there.

Until next time...
So it goes in our neck of the woods.


  1. One of the things I love about your blog Mel, is that you give us recipes and also show us your canned goodies. I have never heard of pickling green peppers before so now I have learned something new. I don't care if you all eat bear meat, I've never tasted it so what do I know? I forgot to add that in addition to chili peppers& meat, I do add cumin to my homemade chili.

  2. RE: Moni ~ I add cumin and chili peppers to my chili too when I make it. I just like to have the canned tomatoes with celery, green pepper, onion mix to have on hand for it too. Did you know the cumin is from the parsley and dill family? I always thought it was from the pepper family. Always learning something new.

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of eating bear meat; but the rest of my family likes it. Although, last year Slim made some sausage from the bear Sam shot and it was pretty tasty on a cracker with a piece of cheese. They eat it otherwise like a roast, steak or like hot beefs. The thing with any wild game though is how it's taken care of when you get it. You have to be sure to get ALL the fat off ~ especially on a bear.
    I always find it interesting on what people eat from different regions... even here in the USA. In Florida and Louisiana they alligator ~ now I've never had that before. And out in Montana and Idaho they eat mountain lion ~ that I've tried... it tasted just like a pork roast. My favorite wild game though is deer and moose and all the fish in our lakes ~ like the walleye. I guess it all has to do with how you were raised and where you live. My nephew was just in China and ate dog.... that I could NEVER EVER DO. Ahhhh... to each their own. Bon Apetite!

  3. I am curious what the bear meat would taste like. I know you are correct in the taste of wild meat depends on how it is tended to and cooked. We used to eat a lot of venison in my younger days and then wild hog when John and I lived on the ranch but I have kind of lost my taste for it.

  4. RE: Paula ~ what does bear meat taste like? I guess it would be most comparable to beef; but sweeter. It's very rich in flavor. When I cook it I like to use AuJus seasoning on it or beef broth. I think the only reason that I really don't care for it is because I tend to avoid most red meats. I like chicken and pork. I do like eating partridge too. I've had wild hog also that we hunted when in Texas. Another wild game we've eaten is caribou. One that we had, I found it hard to eat ~ it tasted like lichen or moss - but then two years later after my Dad and brothers returned from a hunt up in Quebec they gave us some and it was very comparable to good venison. Slim has eaten elk; but I've never had it. That's something I would like to try some day. He's gone to Colorado hunting them on several occasions; but never bagged one.

    I have some robins and blue jays right now that are eating the dickens out of my apple trees and they are starting to look edible! Just kidding!! I guess I need to get my apples picked pretty soon; but the one variety is a winter apple and they always taste better after a light frost.

    I guess that's what I get for living in the north woods.

  5. Hope y'all get that monster bear! Here in Tennessee we are all allowed to kill a bear if we have the skill. I have friends who killed 5 last year - about 1400 lbs of bear meat - if my memory serves me correctly. They hunt with dogs, of course. Dogs and radio collars and associated paraphenalia are expensive! I hunt every year - but I'm getting too old for cleaning and preparing the meat for cooking - so I'll settle now for hunting squirrels with my .22 pistol. Give the game a sporting chance, I say.

  6. Oh - and I meant to say, from your pictures - "Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie" might be o.k. too! ☻☻☻

  7. Good luck to Slim with the bear hunt. They sure need to be thinned out some. They are so plentiful that they are becoming a problem. One of the neighbors to the south just bagged a 450# bear. I say yeah, cause of the damage they are creating at the cabin again....buggers.
    We had bison for supper a while back, and it reminded me of bear...too sweet and soft, even tho I marinated the heck out of it.
    Oh ya,.....I finally got my computer back.
    Your canning and goodies on past posts look great...ya'll are making my tummy growl after a plate of roasted veggies that we had with turkey burgers. Love the stewed tomatoes you made.

  8. MEL! MEL! Some them dudes ain't bears! Just a hint. If you are carrying the rifle, please keep a picture of Slim close, don't make a mistake. You bag him, he ain't gonna be happy!!!!

    I hope he gets the big one. I know he is counting on it.

    I love the critter camera. AND ABOUT THIS Slaughter of the innocents!!!...... Ha!

    I've always noticed it is okay to eat a big beef steak.

    Not to go that way, just enjoy it up in paradise. (However it is beautiful up there, but does it get that COLD in paradise? just saying....)

    Love you guys, hug Slim for us! The can goods look good. Now I have to go look up what chards are.(from Cher's blog!)

  9. I do not know who would bash your way of life. I think it is great.Your food always makes me hungry and your jars of canned goods look so good. I have never had bear meat and probably never will. I don't care for deer meat but my brother in law made a delicious meat loaf out of it.