I know...
It's too early for Christmas ~ but I just love the soft glow of Christmas lights year round.  So...
I left them up!

It's so cozy in my living room and kitchen in the evenings with them on ...

It was a busy day for lazy ol' me ... 
DH and I shredded up a five gallon pail full of cabbage and salted it for sauerkraut ... I'll be canning it in about a week. 
I also made some more jam.  This time it was cranberry/raspberry and a batch of mixed berry, raspberry/blackberry/blueberry.  

Tomorrow... something CHOCOLATE!  I have such a craving! Maybe some Finger Lickin' Good Bars.  I know... that's not diet food; but who's on a diet?  I know I should be; but I'm like a big old bear ... putting on some winter fat.  I know I shouldn't joke about it ~ but facts are facts.  I'm fat.

I think it's time for me to go back on the Cabbage Soup diet for awhile.  Geeze...  I wish it was as easy to lose the weight as what it is to put it on.   I need more willpower ... or fatter friends ... then I wouldn't feel like this big frump of a failure when it comes to my weight issues.   AHHHHHHHHHHH.... I'm not going there.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Ah ha! now you are starting to try to seduce Slim. soft lights.

    Oh well inside exercise is also good for you. LOL

    Good on the saur Kraut. That was not one of the southern staples either.

    The mixed berry jam sounds delicions.
    WHAT'S THIS ABOUT CHOCOLATE? Knock it off. Did you see Cher's stuff? NO CHOCO! LOL

    There is a law about the gaining and losing, but I forget it. I know one is MUCH MUCH MUCH EASIER than the other..

    Love you lady! hang in there Tonite just say hello to Slim for us. The other may get youin trouble!!!!

    From New mexico. Sherry & Jack

  2. RE: Jack... no getting into trouble in the soft lights tonight... Slim's working the graveyard shift at the mill. lol ~ nice thought though!

  3. Just a note concerning a smart aleck comment on my blog!!

    That is not Chocolate.... It is DARK VANILLA!

    Okay it is chocolate, but SHERRY ordered it!!!!! She is a very sick girl, a chocaholic.

  4. thanks for visiting our blog (a corgi in Southern California) and your kind comment :)

    I like the lights; they look so "mellow" no matter what season they are displayed in. I think also a bit of festive too!

    yum on the chocolate if you decide to make something with it. I started the "eat whatever you want diet" about a month ago and have lost weight on it. I decided it was okay to eat anything I wanted as long as I kept track of portion sizes and wrote everything down Surprisingly, I find myself eating less :)


  5. I love your lights. That's so cool. Honestly, I enjoy seeing/watching twinkling lights all year too. :)

    I admire your canning and cooking talents. I sure do wish I could be a magician in the kitchen like you (& your sisters). Your home must smell delicious all the time. Ahhh, something chocolate sounds scrumptious. I hope you'll take a photo and share your yummy chocolate creation with us. :)

    Here's wishing for your weekend to be filled with happiness & fun!

  6. Your lights look lovely. One time I went with a friend to see her friend in july and the lady still had her christmas tree up. Who wants to diet when food is soooo good.

  7. Chocolate must be eaten only after being stored on your highest shelf for at least one hour. Chocolate is not's those calories. Now calories are afraid of heights and we know that they will jump out of anything stored high enough.

    BTW - do you know what it means if chocolate gets on your fingers? It means you're not eating fast enough!

    RELAX - Grab a choco bar and enjoy the lights ☻

  8. I'm glad you found MY blog because that has led me to YOUR blog! I love your sidebar stuff! And your home with the lights looks cozy, especially now that we are headed into that time of year! Fall is upon us!

  9. Not a bad idea. A house always looks so blah when the lights come down after Christmas. One way to beat that.
    I'm just getting rid of last years winter fat. Pray tell,it is not time for it to come back already.

  10. The best cooks are fat Mel. Just look at the cooking channel. The thin ones are the people wanting to be "stars", they aren't true cooks.

  11. That's a neat idea with the year round lights. I knew some folks who did this, but there's were more of the tacky variety. Yours look pretty!