successful hunt~

  Dear Hubby and I didn't have any success last night sitting.  It was pouring down rain and it was thundering and lightning so bad ~ we only sat for about an hour out in our little tent before calling it quits.  No bear was worth that misery.

This morning we got up at the crack of dawn, about 5:00 a.m., and headed east to hunt with the Beaver Lake Bear Hunters crew with the dogs. (Our son in-laws bunch) We headed out to the federal land by the Riley Lake and Sailor Lake areas.  That's the same area our son Sam got his big bear last year.

Talk about some muddy back roads to drive down... and talk about some pretty sophisticated equipment those boys use.  The GPS trackers that they use on their dogs are something else.  Then again, some of those dogs are worth big bucks too and you would hate to lose one.

gps image from internet
I kept asking Slim if he was sure he wanted to be driving down these roads with his new truck.  Besides the fact that there was a truck ahead of us and one or two behind, he said he HAD to keep going in case one of the Chevy's in the convoy needed to be pulled out of the muck with his Ford.  Ahhhh... boys and their toys! I must admit though, even I was impressed with how well our truck handled that slippery muck of a road.  Slim drove all the way through there and never even had to use the 4-wheel drive. 

We did manage to get back into the woods where the dogs had a bear on the ground and B. was able to shoot it.  It was a small one only weighing around 200 lbs.; but it was meat on the pole.  B. was happy and the rest of the crew were happy ... so it was a successful hunt. 

Now we had back track and get out of that muddy road once again.

note: Jack & Sherry,  I think even with your skillful driving this would have been a rough road for you.  That pretty motor home of yours would have been sucked in and stuck in the mud up to it's windshield wipers.

We were home by noon. We had a bowl of leftover Italian Wedding Soup and a brownie for lunch ... Dear Hubby is off to LaLaLand ... sleeping.... because he has to get up at 5:00 p.m. and work the night shift at the papermill.  I'm laying low the rest of the day.  I'm feeling better since I started the antibiotics and I'm not in the pain that I was in last weekend with these darn shingles.... stupid chicken pox virus... oh well, what 'ch gonna do.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I am a pretty smart fellow (sometimes) but most of the time I don't go where two wheel drive fears to tread. Okay I did stick the motor home up in Tellico Plains, but that was because......(fill in any excuse) ha!

    Does Slim have until Oct 12th? Or is it over?

    That road would not thrill me to drive! I am no (on purpose) mudder.
    The best to you all.

    from LV and it is in the 90's here.

  2. I said 90's our outside thermometer says 110 but I am sure it lies. (I hope)

  3. Glad the boys got to use their GPS' and play with the dogs. Nasty roads they travel 'for the sport of it'.
    It's been crazy busy here getting the logs sold, packing and cleaning up more garden and plants before we head out tomorrow after Bill's appt....will try to call before we leave, if not then, while on the road.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  4. GPS for dogs is a great idea. I spent a lot of time and money rescuing lost hunting dogs with no ID.
    Those roads remind me of having to have my lawn mower pulled out of the mud by a 4-wheel drive truck yesterday. Impressed you all made it.

  5. Mel, so glad to hear you are feeling better. What fun to chase those dogs all over God's green earth in our vehicles! Glad Slim had a Ford - otherwise he would have been in trouble. ☻ He must have had his peanut butter with him too - unlike Jack - who forgot his and got stuck!

  6. I thought I had seen muddy roads, but I think I forgot what it was really like.