what's on the cooling rack~

I just love the fall weather ~ it's so crisp and cool outside and the trees right now are gorgeous ... yellows, greens, red and orange ... LOVE IT!

The cool weather though... makes for a cool house in the morning when you don't have the furnace turned up yet.  I like to bake to take the chill out the house.  Ahhh.. shucks... you're on to me... I like to bake PERIOD!  I don't care what the weather is. lol

Yesterday was bread day.  I made up five loaves of rye this time around.

This morning I went out and snagged six apples off the tree and peeled them and sliced them into the frying pan.

Added a half stick of butter ~

Put the heat to them for about five minutes until they were starting to get softened.

Then I added 2 Tablespoons of brown sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon ~

Kept them on the heat until they were nice and soft and caramelized ~ another five minutes or so ...

Got the cheaters dough out of the refrigerator ~

Added a good dollop of apple mixture on top ~

Topped it with another piece of crescent roll ~ pinch the edges together ~  into the preheated 350 degree oven for 20 minutes ...

and WALLAH ...

Hot Apple Turnovers!

This recipes makes eight turnovers if you don't drop one on the floor.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your Fall colors are just beautiful Mel, we have nothing to compare. The apple turnovers sound so yummy. I love apple trees.

  2. We're also on the cooling rack down here in East Tennessee. It's supposed to get down to 55 degrees by morning, coolest we've had since Spring. I love the fall weather. And love the apple turnovers - thanx! I believe I could do that at the cabin next time I go!

  3. Hey, I didn't even have to read the entry tonight. Sherry is sitting across from me saying look here at Mel's loaves. Hey look at the apples, she just adds two tables spoons or brown sugar and some cinnamon and .. Wow look at the apples. etc.

    The whole entry. Ohhh, ahhhh, wow look!

    Okay so I enjoyed it, soooo yead I could just about smell it, and yeah, I love the turnovers, even if you did cheat on the wrap!

    Love ya girl, good entry. Kiss Slim for m--- I mean Sherry!
    From Oklahoma
    sherry & jack

  4. wow you're such a good cook. If I dropped one on the floor I would probably wipe it with a paper towel and eat it. lol Well at least I don't have any animals in the house but no telling where John's shoes have been.

  5. I love the magnificent color pallet of Mother Nature's Autumn theme. There's really not much that's more beautiful than the woods fired up for fall.

    Those apples are so pretty. Ripened fruit on trees is so enchanting to me.

    Your bread and turnovers look scrumptious! I wish my pc had a smell feature and I could inhale the aroma. Thanks for posting your recipe. I plan to give your recipe a try soon.


  6. Thank you Mel for visiting my blog and joining. I love your fall photo, such beautiful colours and the bread you baked looks delicious, I love Bread!!!

    Have a wonderful fall day. xxx

  7. Hi Mel, How are you? We've been out-of-town recently --so I'm just now catching up with my blog comments. Love your Fall colors up there. Can't wait 'til we get more color down here.

    Your apple turnovers sound GREAT... But--I just love plain ole' fried apples... My mother used to make the best ones in the world. Yours look just as good....

    How's Dar? Did she take her trip to Texas yet?

  8. I see your trees have on their prettiest dresses! We just got back from our Illinois trip and noticed the color wasnt as brilliant as we hoped for. Of course it was cloudy so that may have something to do with it. Will catch up later ~ Love you!

  9. My first visit to your place and I am soooo lovin it! Can't wait to try the apple turnovers. Got a kick out of your little diddy about Wisconsin-was really cute! Will be back again to see what's new in your neck of the woods! Great blog and have a fantastic weekend!