fungi and a headstone~

I took a little stroll and was surprised by how many mushrooms are in the woods right now. If you take in a deep breath you can smell the earthy scent. I love the fall season in Wisconsin.

Here's a few pics of some of them I saw ~ don't ask me their names and if their edible because I don't know. I know the big white ones the mice and deer are nibbling on them. If I was to eat a wild mushroom I would have someone like Dear Hubby try it today ... and I'll try it tomorrow. That's been my policy on wild mushrooms... and keeping the insurance papers up to date... if you know what I mean.

I know these are some kind of coral mushroom. They look just like they could be from the bottom of the sea.These remind me of little pig ears... or little pink pinched noses. I've never seen them before. I'll have to find my mushroom book and look them up. Speaking of which... did I borrow it you? I can't seem to locate it anywhere.

I know these are a variety of the puffball. They don't get real big; but if you step on them a puff of smoke comes out of them. It's really not smoke; it's the spores of the mushroom. One of the hillsides along a trail in our woods is loaded with them.

thought I'd show you our resident moose who lives on the edge of our yard~

Went for a ride this afternoon with the kids to look at a house that they might be interested in and along the way we had to go past the Fifield Cemetary. There was a headstone there that I knew about so I asked them to swing in to take a look.

What really interest me in this stone is that I know one of the woman that he's talking about. She used to be my step mother inlaw. USED TO BE  ... I hope you can read it okay, you might have to enlarge it.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I do love a person with a sense of humor. My sotne will read,"Here Lies jack in a Box".

    Mushrooms, I like them, Sherry loves them, but I would never be the one who decided a wild one was the one to eat!!

    I didn't see the Moose when I was there!!!!

    Love you,
    From New Mexico.
    Sherry & Jack

  2. I DO smell them!! Wow!

    Love the mushroom pictures, and the moose, too. The elk around my place are terribly noisy this season.

    I did not borrow the book. HONEST!!

    And the headstone .... What a HOOT!!!

    Have a good week ahead, Mel1

  3. Those mushrooms are really enchanting. I swany girl, you can make an interesting and fun art exhibit out of anything. ;) Love the moose. :)and that headstone is something else, my-my can you imagine. lol

    Wishing you a delightful week!

  4. That headstone is priceless. Bless his heart, at least he was consistant. Hope he doesn't have an eye on #3.
    Fungi facinate me with all the incredible shapes.

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  6. Hi Mel. Thanks for dropping by. I see the doc this afternoon, and I'm hoping he's going to be able to help me. Two of my girlfriend's three kids woke up with it this morning, too, and it's hitting several other folks, too. This is a nasty virus; the worst part is not being able to breathe properly...

  7. Interesting photos. I would not ever eat a wild one. Quite a headstone. A little humor never hurt.

  8. Thanks Mel, for the pictures and for the laughter! It's hard to believe someone would actually have that sentence carved into their headstone. I think he meant to "get-even" with those women. ☻☻☻

  9. That was hilarious... I love people with imaginations when it comes to their tombstones... thanks for sharing it Mel!


  10. I took pics of that headstone too, and as you said "Knowing of whom he speaks" I don't know if it was his humor or if he means it. LOL

    We have oodles of mushrooms too, but I don't know good from bad either.