kraut & critters~

Today our oldest daughter, Staci, came over to make her sauerkraut with her Dad.  It was an outside in the garage mess.  I just thought I'd share with you the father/daughter moment. lol

Here they are shredding the cabbage.  Staci with my mandolin from Pampered Chef ~ which works super slick on this job ...  she could use the food processor; but using the mandolin makes a nicer shred.

Slim with the Kraut Cutter from 1905! ~ I don't know why he isn't using the wooden frame to hold the cabbage?? Oh well... it still works and all fingers are still attached.

Here they are pulverizing the cabbage after a little salt is added ~
Slim... with his big gorilla hands has a big advantage over Staci ~

After they got it all smashed down and juicy... it got put into 5 gallon pails to ferment to the sauerkraut stage.  We'll then can it up in a few weeks. It's so easy to make ... and oh so good!

We also had a little mishap today...
Remember Momma Bear and the cubs?

Well... they've grown ...

Remember my telling in a prior post about sitting in the tent to watch them?  Well ...
Momma ate the tent!

Seriously...  she didn't eat it; but she did rip open the window, broke the support pole, knocked over my chair and ate the ziploc bag of M&M's that Slim had out there and my cough drops.

Fortunately ... we were NOT sitting in it at the time.

How foolish of us though to leave that ziploc bag in the tent the other day in the little pouch under the window ... it was our own fault.  We know better ~ yet in a quick hurry to get home the other day in the pouring rain we left it behind. 

Never a dull moment around here.

Until next time...
So it goes in our neck of the woods.


  1. Staci is one cute girl. This is an interesting entry. Good that they were nice enough to make the mess in the garage. I used to hate hate hate when Mel killed a deer and he had to cut it up and we packaged it in MY kitchen.

  2. RE: Paula... I'm hearing you on that one! We've processed a lot of meat in my kitchen and made a lot of garden mess in the kitchen too. Now all that messy stuff gets done out in the garage.

  3. I agree Mel, so nice of Staci and Slim to do all this hard work in the garage. I remember once when we were tent camping in the Rocky Mountain National Park when the children were young. I heard bears going thru the trashcans and I was so scared because I had food stuffs all along the base of the tent in coolers and out of coolers. The bears were so noisy, that other campers turned on lights and made enough noise to scare them off. We were so dumb to camp in a tent in that area.

  4. We missed Staci I think, she is beautiful. Slim is a good looking fellow in the pictures, must be the love of kraut. hahahahaha!

    Bears, yep, I know you guys in the North Country know better than that.

    We were very careful on our AT hike to hang all food out of reach. But then we all get in a hurry. That camera is nice. I like that.
    Take care, and the cabbage on it's way to be Kraut looks good.

    Love ya!!!
    Sherry & Jack

  5. Your kraut story brings back memories of my hubby, his mom, and me making kraut WITH the old "utensils" like your fella used! Dan would haul the huge crock down to the basement to let it ferment (stunk up the whole house) and when it was ready we'd freeze it. I HATED KRAUT! STILL DO! But good memories!

  6. That kraut story reminded me of the first time we tried to make saur kraut. After I had shredded it and Frances added the right ingredients, we set it up to sour. When Frances came to the day to can it, she said, "Oh my goodness" and poured it out. When I came in later and asked why - She said, "It smelled sour! It was ruined!" We were young and didn't know any better.

  7. I guess anything that really attracts bears must not be left behind! Nice neighbors you have there. Loved watching the kraut process. Grandma King and her sister Aunt Net used to make sauerkraut all the time but it was stored in a large crock in a cool cellar. They never bottled it. (we did not can)

  8. Thanks for the photo essay on making sauerkraut. It's great that they have a place to work out in the garage.
    I'm sorry to hear about the number Mama Bear did on your tent, but I'm very glad you weren't in it. I wonder if she shared the M&Ms with the cubs.