I don't like dwelling on the negative ... 
I have a really bad backache and it's driving me insane!

I wish I could pin point it to something ... like a fall ... or over doing on something; but I can't.  

Over the last four days I have been getting a pain in my lower back and it is getting worse.  It has now radiated into my hips, especially my right one.  I'm getting all hunched over from it.  Ice doesn't help. Heat doesn't help.  Laying down doesn't help.  Standing up doesn't help.   Stretching exercises don't do a thing.  I can hardly focus on anything because of the constant gnawing pain.

I refuse to go to the chiropractor ... and I'm dreading the thought that I just might have to take a trip into the doctors office on Monday for some pain meds or ask someone to bop me on the head pretty soon if this doesn't let up. 

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ....  

I'm not a happy camper.  

I have fibromyalgia ~ and I'm self diagnosing that I'm just going through a terrible flare up ~ I just hate to have to go into the doctors office AGAIN.  Between my fibro and my heart crappola I don't think we'll ever see an end to our doctor bills.  
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ....
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ....

(that's a double grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)
I know that I shouldn't feel this way about needing to get some help when I need it 
sometimes I just wish 
I didn't have to endure some of the things I do.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I'm so sorry you're having this pain. The choirpractor never helped me but acupuncture sure did but I know it doesn't help everyone. Feel better soon.

  2. ou didnt sit on slim did you------ oh thats right he's a pain in the ass


  3. I am so sorry Mel.Pain is no fun so I hope that it goes away very soon. Better to see that doctor than suffer.

  4. mom, who deals with tons of pain swears by a martini to fix it! I join a form of support of course.

    Hope yours feels better!

  5. Mel, I'm praying for you to find relief from that back pain. I have had some back problems in the past (threw it out while packing to go to Africa) and found relief through prayer. (James 5:14,15) I have also found relief from subsequent attacks by going to the doc and getting shots and electro-therapy. ☺ But there is still power in prayer.

  6. Love you girl, I hope love and prayer does it. I had good luck with a chaipractor, but I could pin point what I did, I knew exactly what it was.

    It is frustrating not to be able to know the origin of a back problem.

    Okay, my suggestion. (Can't help but give some advice!)
    Get a good bottle of lotion/cream. some with good scent. take Slim to the bedroom, turn the lights down low. Put some Dean Martin on, Get yourself ready, give the lotion to Slim, Smile and point to the lower back. Say massage! The boy will get the message. LOL

    But in the mean time we will send up a prayer for your relief.
    Love you,
    filed in Northern Utah.

  7. Ooo--I can so relate right now as my back is hurting also. I do have a cause however and a pretty good idea when it will quit, but it still sucks.
    Super pain killers help me function. Do feel better soon.

  8. Dear Mel, Hope you are feeling better by now ~ Thanks for your kind comments, but remember.... we ALL have talents, and I know one of yours is growing flowers. It seems to come so easy for you, and they are so very pretty! Take care lady, and get yourself better. Just prayed for you as I was writing this, that the Lord will touch your back and settle the nerves or whatever is acting up. Be well, my friend