same oh same oh ~

There really isn't anything super exciting going on around here.  Things have certainly calmed down since my days of getting ready for the wedding.  Now I can finally  sit back and enjoy the little things once again.

I know I posted about my apple trees before ~ but here's some more photos.

The one tree is so loaded down with apples that we had to give it some legs to help support the branches.  This has happened before with this tree ... it's a good producer ... every other year.  Last year it only had about six apples on it. 

Our other tree that is putting out apples like crazy has a deeper red color to them, but they are a little bit earlier than the full tree.  Both apples though are excellent eaters and good for pie and applesauce.  I wish I could remember what their names are.  When we planted the six trees, Slim wrote it down what their names were and where they were planted; but now he can't find the list.  He swears he put it somewhere he'll NEVER forget.  Well guess what?

Now if only the other trees would perk up ... maybe next year.  Although I know I would have more apples than what I could handle if all six were putting on fruit. 

Fall is fast approaching.  The leaves are starting to turn.  This is one of the maples alongside the driveway.
My staghorn sumac trees are growing nicely by our turn around at the top of the drive... considering they've been plowed over how many times in the winter by the snow plow.  

I love staghorn sumac.   I think they're so pretty in the fall when the "berries" are ripe.

There were a pair of woodpeckers in the tree; but they wouldn't let me get a photo.  So I went over by the side of garage and took this woodpeckers picture instead.

Another late bloomer in my yard is my bamboo.  I know there are lots of varieties of bamboo and once again I wish I knew the name of this one.  It doesn't get real big in height but is spreading out quite nicely by the bottom of my deck.
The bees LOVE the blossoms.

My turtlehead plant is still putting out it's little blooms like crazy too in this cool weather.

Well... that's enough of my little walk around the yard for now.

Remember a while back I had posted about such a pain in my back that has radiated into my hip and now my pelvis.  Well...
I went to the doctor yesterday to finally get something for the pain.  I got there at 8:30 a.m. and didn't get home until 12:30.  After a ton of blood work and some xrays of my lower back and hip... guess what I have again?  I thought it was probably just another flair up with my fibromyalgia; but it seems that I'm having another flair up again of the shingles.  No wonder it hurts so bad.  Dang chicken pox virus.

I had chicken pox when I was a kid ~ and the shingles virus is a lingering virus from the strain of chicken pox that can flair up on you as an adult.  I had a flair up last year... and here I go again.  I'm not a happy camper!  BUT... I am still going to go sit out in the tent with Dear Hubby in the evenings to try to get that big bear ~ if he ever comes in again.  We do have a sow with two yearling cubs coming in ... so maybe... just maybe... the big boy will come sniffing around... if you know what I mean.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Isn't that "after the event" letdown strange? There is a great relief for job well done, but there is also the part that is trying to slow down and get back into a normal routine while you're feeling you should be doing something. You'll get there. :)

    Shingles??? OMG, that stuff is miserable! Have you had the vaccination? After a bout of it about 4 years ago was cleared up, I did, and it has helped me greatly! I've had no further outbreaks. I hope yours is under control soon!

    "I am still going to go sit out in the tent with Dear Hubby in the evenings to try to get that big bear..." I have to ask .... WHY? What are you going to do with it if you do? You do live big, girl!!

  2. Ouch on the shingles flair-up again...lay low girly! And WOW, WOW, WOW on those apples...they are looking like pie and sauce to me.
    Now, all you have to do is find that list.....
    BlessYourHeart and

  3. Oh Mel, what a beautiful sight, that wonderful apple tree. I am sorry about the Shingles, I had an outbreak about 8 years ago but none since. Hope Hubby gets that bear, lol

  4. Oh Mel, what a beautiful sight, that wonderful apple tree. I am sorry about the Shingles, I had an outbreak about 8 years ago but none since. Hope Hubby gets that bear, lol

  5. WOW, a doublepost...sorry Mel!

  6. Wow look at that tree!
    Dang on the shingles again!
    Take it easy and know you are loved from afar.

  7. wow that tree did need some extra legs. Do you make waldorf salad? I love it. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. First, I sure hat to hear of the pain. MY BIL swore shingles were the worst!

    But the pictures are super. Man I love apples and both those look delicious. It is about that time again, we will catch some on the side of the road.

    Hope you get the BEAR!

    Love from Vegas.
    Sherry & Jack

  9. WoW! You have beautiful apples on those trees. Do you fertilize them? How do you get them to be so productive. I planted two trees three years ago and this year one tree had about 45 apples and the other 6 - at least til the squirrels, birds and boys invaded it. I had picked about 5 off the more productive tree - but went back about two weeks later and could not find one single apple! There are boys next door that play ball in my back yard - there's the problem...but it's o.k. Hope you get that bear!

    And let me add - I'm so sorry you have the shingles. I've seen others suffer with them but so far I have escaped. Get well soon.

  10. Dear Mel, I am so sorry for you having the shingles...I never did but hubby has and my MIL. I think the meds for it now works quicker than years ago. How you get feeling better soon....

    Hubby got a bear one time. It came into our honey house adn wrecked stuff from front to back. We called the game comission and told them to come pick up "their" bear. Long story on the GC and my bee-keeper hubby :)

  11. PS Your apple trees and other bushes and flowers are gorgeous, as usual. I admire your green thumb!

  12. You are so talented!!! I would give a lot to be able to do just a small bit of your talent. Shingles are just awful. I have had them only not wide spread. My second husband who passed away at age 37 of a very serious heart condition. had shingles. He and I had a then, 4 year old, and the doctors told my husband that Marty could get chicken pox from his dad's shingles and he did. Hope you feel better soon.